2015 Town & School Election Support

V otes Sheet to bring to polls: 2015 Voting Notes

Absentee Ballot:  Click Here

Town Ballot:  Click Here

School Ballot: Click Here

Candidates Night video: Click Here

Rye Water District Budget:  RWDbudget2015   Rye Water District Warrant (Ballot): RWDwarrant2015

Jenness Beach Budget:   JBDbudget2015     Rye Beach Budget:  RBDbudget2015

Open Town positions:  2015 vacancies

Candidates for the March 10th Election:  2015 CANDIDATES FOR OFFICE List

RCL Budget Analysis:  RCL 2015 Budget Analysis pre- Town Meeting Final

RCL Warrant Article Pre-Election – updated after the Deliberative meeting:  RCL 2015 Warrant Articles Pre-election

RCL Warrant Article Pre-Deliberative meeting  Discussion: RCL 2015 Warrant Articles Pre-Delib Final

Town December 10th Budget Summary:  TownBudgetSummary121014

Summary Table of Warrant Articles from the RCL:  2015 RCL Warrant Article Table

Summary Table with updated tile: 2015 RCL Warrant Article Table updated

Supporting Information for Warrant Articles:

Pay As You Throw program:

– Waste Zero presentation: Rye NH BA 12-15-14

Additional Police Officer:

– See the chart on the second page: : 2015 Rye Officer

NH rebellion Statewide Warrant Article:  Get Big Money Out of Politics warrant article

March 8th Article 23 and Article 25 flyer:  Doubleheader Educational Event at Library 03.08.15


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