RCL 2016 Town Election Support

R CL Warrant Article Information One page on each article:  RCL 2016 Warrant Articles Post Deliberative Meeting

2016 Warrant Article Table:  Short descriptions of each warrant article:  2016 RCL Warrant Article Table

Candidate Bio’s:  RCL Town 2016 Candidates’ Bio   Video of Candidates Night:  Click Here

My Voting Notes form the BOS News Letter:  My Voting Notes 2016

Town Election Ballot:  Click Here    2016 Town Ballot

School Election Ballot:  Rye School Ballot Final 2016

Town Deliberative Meeting:  Click Here for notes, videos, summary tables…

School Deliberative Meeting Minutes:  Deliberative Session Minutes 2016 Signed

RCL Budget Presentation Pre-Town Meeting: RCL 2016 Budget Analysis pre- Town Meeting  This presentation tells the story of our Tax rate, Town and school budget.

RCL Warrant Article Presentation pre-Town Meeting:  RCL 2016 Warrant Articles Pre-Delib 28 Jan 16  This presentation as a brief summary of the different warrant articles.  It also includes links for additional information.

RCL Town Buildings Presentation:  RCL Town Buildings Jan 3, 2016 Overview   Rye has many buildings and space.  This gives much of the background for what Rye has done and other information as each vote/decision should not be viewed in isolation.

This is what the Town provides.  It is just a table with variances, but it is difficult to see what is happening with the Town’s finances.  Rye 2016 Town Budget 14 Jan Version To help address this, the RCL provides the budget analysis.  See above.

Charitable donations page: 2016 Budget Worksheet Charitable Donations 01-4197-22

Page 100 of the Mater Plan: Page 100 Master Plan

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