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YOUR RYE NIGHT OUT November 30th 7pm at Office Lounge – Rt. 1 (Lafayette Rd) by the corner of Washington Rd.

Come Join the interesting part of the Monthly Civic League discussion – the top 10 from the past month. Then Your Rye Night Out begins, where we talk about whatever Rye topics are on your mind. Join us! As soon as we can we will move back to local Restaurants, we will. Food & Drink […]

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RCL Parson’s Creek Pollution Information

December 11, 2017 presentation to BOS repeats known findings that we have an issue.   Video Click Here – 1:34 after bacterial   a) Septic system density above .26 per acre causes problems, Parsons Creek Watershed is at .45 systems per acre.  The problem is over saturated land.  At this point, testing should only be to […]


Why Healthy Tidal Marshes Matter – Sep 15

co-sponsored by Rye Conservation Commission and Rye Civic League PLEASE NOTE CHANGE IN TIME BELOW Healthy tidal marshes protect shorelines from erosion, absorb rainwater and reduce flooding.  Also, healthy tidal marshes serve as key habitats for migratory birds and both finfish and shellfish.  Tidal marshes have been impacted by activities such as restrictions to tidal […]