A Welcome

The Rye Civic League informs citizens about town happenings with a monthly newsletter titled “Rye Civic News”. The League fosters direct democracy by providing residents with factual current affairs and offers a forum for discussion and assistance for action. Perhaps your interest in the league will motivate you to participate in community decision-making and help mold the future of Rye.

We encourage everyone to take their seat at the table to exercise their right to influence our town’s services and facilities. We capitalize on the ideas and talents of all residents and hope you will share your thoughts!

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Studies show that communities exhibiting a high level of civic engagement boast a higher quality of life with lower crime rates, better-educated children, and more effective governments. S. Mark Pancer

Did you know that…

  • Parents influence their children’s civic activities by serving as role models of engagement, transmitting their values through discussion with their children, and linking them to community organizations. Studies show that children whose families engaged in civic matters were two or three times as likely to be community-minded and volunteer when they became adults, compared to children whose parents didn’t get involved.*
  • Young people who participate in community organizations and engage in community service, develop respect for peers and teachers. They are less likely to smoke, abuse drugs and alcohol, engage in delinquent acts, or drop out of school.
  • Older individuals who volunteer in their community, compared to those who do not, experience a 40% to 50% reduction in mortality during their senior years.*

*S. Mark Pancer The Psychology of Citizenship and Civic Engagement