Rye Energy Committee

Rye Energy Town 2011 Report

Rye Energy Town Energy Report 2011

2011 Rye Energy Report

1. The Town, including all subdivisions such as the schools, two beach districts, the water department, etc., spends approximately $425,000 annually on energy. Of this, 75 percent is for buildings (heating fuel and electricity), 19 percent is for vehicles and 6 percent is for street lighting.

2. The Junior High School is consuming nearly 25,000 gallons of heating oil annually, and with electric use (which remains higher than expected during the summer) is costing the Town approximately $100,000 annually for energy.

3. The Public Safety building is also a major energy consumer and inefficient for its size, despite having been built during the last decade.

4. The Town Hall energy use is less than might be expected, given the fact that it is largely un-insulated.

5. The Public Library is the most efficient in heating fuel use per square foot.

6. Vehicle fuel costs are approximately $80,000 annually. Police and Public Works vehicles account for most of the consumption, each being 35-40 percent of the total.

7. Street lighting costs are approximately $25,000 annually. Most street lights are located near the beaches and many use inefficient bulbs or are billed at costly per fixture, rather than metered, rates from PSNH.