Committee Mtgs Town Hall Committee

RCL May 22, 2013 THC RLC notes

Rye Town Hall Committee on May 22, 2014

Members Present:  Victor Azzi, Priscilla Jenness, Paul Goldman, Beth Yeaton,
Peter White, Lucy Neiman, Mae Bradshaw, Peter Kasnet
Ex-Officio Members:  Mike Magnant
Others Present:  Jason LaCombe and Anthony Mento, SMP Architecture

1.  Review Updated Plans
SMP passed out a new schematic plan.  In the plan, the distance between the
building has been increased from 16 feet to 20 feet.  In addition, changes
based on the field measurement of the existing building and staff meetings
has been incorporated.  Assessing has been moved to the second floor of the
new building to be close to Finance.  A discussion regarding insulation was
held, involving three forms of insulation:  Code minimum with infiltration
up to 7ACH50, Budgeted (the one in the existing estimate) with infiltration
of 2ACH50, and Option 3 with 60-40-20-10-5 with infiltration of 1ACH50.  The
Committee will decide at a later date if there will be change from the
Budgeted option.
2.  The kitchen will be in the back of the existing building, close to the
vestibule.  There will be a storage room off of the kitchen.  The size of
the dictates that it is not commercial, rather includes a refrigerator,
freezer, microwave, and a sink.
3.  Elevations were reviewed, along with discussion of the exterior for the
new building.  Wood clapboard painted white is the current choice.
4.  Review of the new building envelope for energy options and goals.  The
new building will be situated to have southly sun during most of the day.
The new building will have the benefit of the existing geothermal heating
5.  Next steps are to develop CAD drawings of the current plans and
elevations.  An advanced site design will occur.  Preliminary code review
will take place.  Finally, a conceptual energy model for the new building
will be done in conjunction with the Rye Energy Committee.
6.  The 3 person sub group will meet with SMP during the week of June 2nd.
The next Town Hall Committee meeting will be on June 17, 2014 at 6:30.
7.  Public input.  None