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Planning Board: Negated Rules of Procedure

RCL memo:  RCL ROP Letter 7-28-14

RCL Table: RCL P.B. ROP content comparison 24 July 2014

What RCL found in Public Documents:  ROP discussion in PB Meeting Notes

2009 Rules of Procedure:  PB_Rules_of_Procedure 2009  These are what were posted on the Town Website until July 0f 2014, they have now been removed.

Negated Rules of Procedures:

At the April 2014 Planning Board meeting, member Ray Tweedie proposed changes to the 2012 Rules of Procedure without disclosing some of these changes not disclosed to the public at the August 12th Planning Board Meeting.

Confusion resulted as to which set of Rules of Procedure were being amended as until July 11th, 2014, only the 2009 Rules of Procedure (which had been negated in 2012) could be obtained from the Town of Rye website.  The RCL has pointed out the lack of public records surrounding the adoption of the 2012 Rules of Procedure explaining that an up to date set of rules – the 2009 – were being replaced with a truncated version of the 1998 rules (the “old rules”) while pretending that only one change was being to the existing rules (2009).

On July 28th the RCL sent this memo (click here) and document (click here) pointing out that in 2012, the 2009 Rules of Procedure were replaced with truncated 1998 Rules of Procedure with no documentation in the public record.   For summary of what is in the Public Planning Board meeting minutes.  Click Here

RCL board members attended the 8-12 Planning Board meeting, met Kim Reed, the Town Planner on 8-13, sent a follow up meeting, attended the August 28th Rules and Regulations meeting and there has been NO response from the town about the negated Rules of Procedure.  At the 8-12 meeting there was no mention of a letter being generated, but on 8-13 Kim Reed informed Steven Borne that that is what she thought was said at the 8-12 meeting.  No letter has been received.

 To the contrary:

Member Ray Tweedie said at the 8-12 Planning Board, that the Planning Board has properly made modifications to the Rules of Procedure.  See 4:44:00 on the video.

Chair Bill Eppersson had this statement in the Town News ““The task at hand for the Planning Board is to maintain the integrity of the planning documents that are in place.  We will be loyal to this task.”