Board of Selectmen Town Meetings

RCL December 8, 2014 BOS Meeting notes

File for Civic news:  RyeBOSrclNotes120814revBfinal
  1. Selectmen approve, 2-1, a resident’s request to solicit petitioned warrant articles at the Recycling Center.  Selectman Mills voted no after insisting on knowing the contents beforehand. More Detail
  2. New Town Flag was awarded to the designer, former Rye Junior High School student William Gerrish. More Detail
  3. Utility pole request on Harbor Rd. leads to vigorous discussion as neighbors accuse Attorney Tim Phoenix of making misrepresentations. More Detail
  4. The Town will pay for replacement of the roof at the Parsonage Apartments rather than the Housing Partnership which collects far more in rent than it pays to the Town as owner. More Detail
  5. Selectmen comment about proposed “pay-as-you-throw” petitioned warrant article and the pilot food recycling program. More Detail  Waste Zero Presentation
  6. Budget will be provided to permit striping of parking spaces along Ocean Blvd., allowing the Town to do so in 2015 if it so decides. More Detail
  7.  Warrant article for additional police officer was recommended 2-1. More Detail 
  8. Warrant article to dissolve the Beach Commission will be placed on the ballot. More Detail