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RCL Town Hall Survey presentation October 13, 2015 RCL notes

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0:00 elapsed:  Call to order, pledge
4:55 elapsed:  Andy Smith of UNH Survey Center describes survey and the 39% response rate to 2981 households mailed to.
14:20 elapsed:  Town Hall usage:  88% use Town Hall every 2-3 months or less frequently than that.  85% use to register their cars, 59% to pay taxes.  Condition of Town Hall is rated fair to poor by 72% for the interior, 64% for the exterior.
17:18 elapsed:  38% believe that the current Town Hall meets the current needs, 26% that it meets future needs.  The most important aspects of the project (ranked very or somewhat important) are that it is energy efficient (80%), that it meets ADA accessibility (79%), that it remain in the Town Center (74%), and that the historical aspects be preserved (61%).  The least important are having an auditorium for performances and events (18%) and having a location for voting (15%).
20:02 elapsed:  Options strongly or somewhat supported are:
Renovate existing building and construct adjacent new addition 51%
Leave as is 46%
Demolish and construct new building on the site 28%
Repurpose existing building and build new building on a different site 25%
Construct new building of a different site 22%
Of those who voted against the Town Hall this year, 45% prefer to leave it as is.  57% believe that it is an important landmark that should not be torn down.
27:58 elapsed:  77% of respondents voted in the last election, of those 68% voted against Town Hall.  Those voting for cited the need for more space as the most important reason (72%).  Those voting against cited the cost (75%) and excessive size (45%) most frequently.
30:56 elapsed:  84% claim to be very well or somewhat well informed about Town Hall issues.  Only 31% are very or somewhat confident that the Town considered all of the options and chose the best one.  Over half (52%) thought that the cost was somewhat or very unreasonable).
33:59 elapsed:  Half are willing to spend more than $2.5 million for Town Hall (25% are willing to spend nothing, 18% $2 million, and $7% $2.5 million).
36:16 elapsed:  Conclusions and more discussion.
87:59 elapsed:  Selectman Musselman reveals that the Board of Selectmen considered, three weeks ago, a special Town Meeting to consider approval of the acquisition of a parcel for a new Town Hall.  The price was too high so they decided not to proceed.  This leads to a non-public session to discuss the issue.
89:58 elapsed:  The video starts again following the non-public session as the Committee is voting to seal the minutes.