RCL Candidates Night

C andidates Bios:  RCL Town 2016 Candidates’ Bio

Time Stamps for the video:  Click Here

1.  (0:00 elapsed).  Announcement by RCL President Steven Borne of election support material available on the RCL website.
2.  (1:36 elapsed).  Moderator Bob Eaton leads in pledge.  Unopposed candidate introductions.  School District Clerk (Donna Decotis), Planning Board (Phil Winslow, Bill Epperson), School Board (Scott Marion statement read).  Moderator Bob Eaton announces rules.
3.  (15:26 elapsed).  Cemetery Trustees:  Richard Moynahan, Frank Drake.
4. (28:36 elapsed).  Zoning Board of Adjustment:  R.J. Lincoln (statement read), Pat Driscoll.
5. (38:21 elapsed).  Budget Committee:  Shawn Crapo (statement read), Peggy Balboni, Mae Bradshaw.  Opening statements.
6.  (48:16 elapsed).  Budget Committee:  Questions from audience.
7.  (78:56 elapsed).  Budget Committee:  Closing statements.
8.  (80:36 elapsed).  Board of Selectmen:  Richard Moynahan, Priscilla Jenness (statement read).
9.  (87:18 elapsed).  Moderator Eaton makes announcements about upcoming election, closes meeting.

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