Draft List of 2013 elected and appointed positions

W ho is on the ballot:  Rye 2013 Candidates for Election

Candidates Night Febuary 20th 7pm.  Please review all of the appointed positions.

Position Term Incumbent Name   (I) and other candidates
Elected   Positions
Selectman 3 yrs Priscilla Jenness (I)
Cemetery   Trustee 3 yrs Frank Drake (I)
Library   Trustee 3 yrs Victor Azzi (I)
Trustee of   Trust Funds 3yrs Andrew Mahoney (I)
Budget   Committee (vote for two) 3 yrs Shawn   Crapo (I), James Maheras (I)
Planning Board   (Vote for two) 3 yrs Bill Epperson (I),   Phil Winslow
Planning Board   (Vote for one) 1 yrs Jerome Gittlein, Sean   Lynch
Sewer   Commissioner 3 yrs David Adams (i)
Zoning Board 3yrs Ray Jarvis (I)
Zoning Board   (vote for two) 2 Yrs Frank   “Burt” Dibble, Paul Goldman, Patricia Weathersby,
School Board 3 yrs Scott Marrion
School Board 3 yrs Mike Moody
School   District Treasurer 3 yrs Mark Zartarian (I)
Elected at   Annual Meetings
Rye Water   District 3 yrs John Murtagh (I)
Rye Beach   Village District 3 yrs Bradley Richards  (I)
Jenness Beach   Village District 3 yrs Jane Langley  (I)
Appointed   Positions Term Incumbent Name
Zoning Board   Alternates 2015 Patricia Weathersby   (Vacant if Patricia wins)
Zoning Board   Alternates 2012 Brian Murphy (term   ends)
Historic   District Commission 3 yrs Paula Merritt
Historic   District Commission 3 yrs Daryl Kent
Historic   District Commission Alternate 3 yrs Thomas King
Demolition   Review Committee 3yrs Jane Holway
Heritage   Commission 3 yrs Jane Holway
Heritage   Commission Alternate 3 yrs Peter White
Heritage   Commission Alternate 3 yrs Vacant
Heritage   Commission Alternate 3 yrs Vacant
Beach   Commission 3 yrs Michael Labrie
Beach   Commission Life Guard Supervisor 3yrs Vacant
Conservation   Commission 3 yrs Suzanne McFarland
Conservation   Commission 3 yrs Sally King
Conservation   Commission 3 yrs Lawton Struble
Conservation   Commission Alternate 3 yrs Lee Perrault
Recreation   Commission 3 yrs Mark Luz
Recreation   Commission 3 yrs John Sexton
Recreation   Commission 3 yrs Keirann Roman
Recreation   Commission 1 yr Vacant
Mosquito   Control Commission 3 yrs Charles Moore
Capital   Improvements Committee No term Terms are indefinite
Energy   Committee No term Terms are indefinite
Rockingham   County Rep
Rockingham   Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO
Rockingham MPO   Tech. Advisory Committee
Rockingham MPO   TAC Alternative

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