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Rye Civic League Notes

Jenness Beach Village District Annual Meeting

Saturday March 18, 2018

5PM Rye Town Hall

Link to agenda: Were only available online at Jenness Beach NextDoor site here (only available to residents in the district) and posted 24 hours before the meeting.

Link to streaming video: http://new.townhallstreams.com/stream.php?location_id=32&id=8156


In attendance in addition to members of the public: Michael DiNola, Moderator; Randy Crapo, Commissioner; Michael Netishen, Commissioner (by phone);  William Christo, Commissioner; Deb Crapo, Clerk and Treasurer; Lori Carbajal, Auditor.


00:00 (all times elapsed as seen in bottom left corner of screen). Before the meeting there was a discussion on the stream where a citizen was attempting to videotape the meeting and the moderator said it was “specifically not permitted” in the State of New Hampshire. The citizen disagreed saying it is “specifically permitted”. The moderator said we will just call the police. Editor’s Note: videotaping of public meetings is permitted by state law.

1:45 reading of agenda by moderator.

Article 1

Election of officers:

Nomination for moderator by R, Crapo. No other nominations were heard. He was elected.

District Clerk: John Murphy nominated himself, Mrs. Crapo was nominated by Mr. Crapo

Mrs. Crapo was re elected by show of hands

Commissioner: (3 year term): M.Netishen (incumbent) was nominated and seconded. John Murphy nominated himself and was seconded. M. Netishen was re elected

Treasurer: D.Crapo was nominated and re-elected

Auditor L.Carbajal was nominated and seconded. She was re elected.

Article 2 Reports

11:42 Auditor’s report. Auditing books were received the day of the meeting by Ms, Carbajal for review. She reviewed and found all in order.

13:50 Treasurer’s report. Expenditures were$96,141 total. 2016 District major expenditures included:  $17,842 for electric for street lights,  LED streetlight project to date $3,684, and $71,790 for Aquarion hydrant water. The income plus balance on hand totalled $132,466 with $36,325 on hand at end of 2016.

17:47 Review of 2016 minutes. A portion of the minutes were read by D.Crapo.

23;50 Mr. Roccha, a member of the Beach Commission, and a district resident, spoke about beach issues including parking and recommended to Selectmen banning RV parking and removing parking on Perkins.

25:50 L.Carbajal also a member of the Beach Commission. Part of her recommendation is to have more handicap parking near the beach.

28:40 discussion of increasing fines from current $25.



29:40 suggestion from member of public to have a handicap spot across from General Store to the South, with supposition that cars parked there will not be the frequently seen RV’s which block view to crosswalk as pedestrians cross.

34:20 Report on District LED streetlight project (most of the streetlights are 51 years old)  from M. Sopher, consultant on the project and Rye resident. Recap of project to date. Update: lights will be delivered in April and installed before summer. DPW has trimmed tree branches blocking poles and the lighting pattern from the streetlights. Eversource will be doing work on mast arms and wiring before installation including mast arms for new lights at the three crosswalks on 1A.

The lights will be dimmable and/or shielded and certain locations will be dimmed as some streetlights are very close to homes or streets are very narrow for the lights’ output.

Discussion of tree conditions along roads and risk of damaging the new lights

54:50 Suggestion by Ms.Crapo that the 3 commissioners get on a Selectmen’s meeting agenda to discuss District issues.

56:20 Ms.Sopher expects project will come in under the $30K budget and the payback period for the streetlight project will be approximately 2.1 years. Applause was heard.

Article 5

Review and discussion of District budget of $125,000. Budgeted new tax rate will be $0.24 vs. $0.29 in prior year due to timing of streetlight project ($30K). Surplus on streetlights when completed being applied to this year’s tax rate.

1:04.15 A district resident stated that there has been no investment in Jenness Beach infrastructure while other parts of town have had recent infrastructure investments, for example he stated 8-10 storm drains on Grove Rd. He also discussed a recent notice on storm water from sump pumps tied into the sewers from sewer department and lack of storm drains in the district.

1:04.45 the resident stated the big issue in the area is stormwater and new homes being built where there used to be cottages and overall lack of storm water infrastructure.

1:13.50 Ms.Crapo stated district water pipes are 50-60 years old, affecting water quality,

and need to replaced. There was further discussion of drainage issues and surge capacity for stormwater with new planned homes and flow of natural “streams” and drainages through the neighborhood.

Article 5, the budget, was approved.

Another meeting of the district is planned for July 15, 2017, 5PM. Next annual meeting planned for March 17, 2018.

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