2018 Planning Board Candidates

Jeffrey A. Quinn: Candidate for 1- year seat on The Rye Planning Board

I am a 44-year full year resident of the Town of Rye. Moving to a family home on Cable Road in 1974 with my wife, Patricia, together we raised our 6 children in the Town of Rye. Educated in the local Catholic and Rye schools our family has participated in various Town functions and events throughout these years. My 38-year career in both public and Catholic schools as both teacher and administrator has given me ample experience in managing a variety of people and circumstances throughout these years. In the late 1970’s I served a term on the Town Mosquito Control Commission. Beginning in 2013, I began serving as a alternate member of the Rye Planning Board. I served 4 years in that capacity. Last year, I was appointed to serve a 1-year term as a full member of the Board for a 2-year seat left vacant. This year I seek election to complete the second year of this vacant seat.  During this period of service I was the Planning Board appointed member of the most recent Town Hall Committee. I also was appointed by the Selectmen to serve a year on the Parsons Creek Watershed Committee.

Steve Carter

My name is Stephen Carter.  I live at 620 Wallis Road, and I am running for the vacant three year position on the Rye Planning Board.

I retired in June of 2016 and my wife, Adele, and I moved to Rye in July 2016. We have owned our house on Wallis Road since 2007 but, only in the last year, we have moved in full time.  I grew up in Rye at 620 Wallis Road and lived there until 1970. Since that time, I have lived in Rhode Island and Massachusetts and returned often to Rye to visit my parents. We purchased my parents’ house in 2007.

I have a degree in civil/environmental engineering and worked for a time designing drinking water and wastewater systems.   For most of my career, I taught high school math and was a secondary school administrator.  During the last twelve years of my career, I was the Chief Operating and Financial Officer of Phillips Academy in Andover, MA.  During my career at Andover, I was involved with numerous building projects and participated in two campus master planning efforts. I have also been involved with permitting for buildings and other projects with the town of Andover, so I am aware of the issues that arise in these interactions.

I have enjoyed being involved with the town and the planning board since I joined the board last summer as an alternate.  I believe that, with my long term perspective on and appreciation for the character of the town of Rye, I can be a useful contributor to planning board decisions. I look forward to continuing to learn more about the town and to contributing to its overall strategic plan for the future.

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