Status of 2012 Warrant Articles

Short   Description Status
Art. 5 $100K   for Highway Equipment Capital Reserve fund.    Current Balance: $202.8K   Note   DPW is eliminating one truck this year from the fleet. Funding   was moved.
Art. 6 Lease   to Purchase trash compactor($15K this year – $40K total) New   compactor is installed and running
Art. 7 $50K   to the Town Accumulated Leave Fund.    Est. 1990.  Balance:  $131,316    Est. Liability:  $427,742 Did   this happen
Art. 8 $65K   New One Ton Dump Truck (current Truck #103 Chevy 1 ton pick up is 9 years   old, 70K miles). Note, Truck #114  will   be retired and not replaced. New   truck is in Servce
Art. 9 $35K   Fire Department needs to replace some protective clothing. Firefighter suits   should be replaced every 10 years. Goal is to have 2 suits per   firefighter.  This is new suits for all   full time firefighters.  If we receive   a grant, then much of this cost will be offset and only a small part of the   funds will be needed.
Art. 12 Raise   an additional $45K Develop/Design DPW site work long term plans. This   passed, but not by the super majority needed so nothing could be done.
Art 14 Change   the Stop and Yield Sign ordinance for Locke Rd/Old Beach and on Causeway Rd Signs   have been changed
Art 15 Adding   No Parking Signs for Jennes Beach Precinct and Rye Water District. Signs   have been added.
Art 16 Change   the Solar Energy Property Tax Exemption Unsure?
Art 17 Make   Marjorie Way a town road Paper   work is complete for when the road is ready.
Art 20 Televised   or Internet streaming  coverage of town   meetings as is available in other towns. BOS   is developing a 2013 Warrant Article for first steps
Art 21 Where   appropriate for each professional postion, to include any required   certifications that would be spelled out objectively in the job descriptions,   performance evaluations and posting of any postion vacancies.  Ammended to be limitted to when defined by   the State. Deliberative changes leave   nothing much to be done
Art 22 Create   a policy that no town employee would or be supervised by a family   member. The Town is “in   compliance”  with the warrant article,   albeit that there is no “written policy” as of yet.
Art 23 Would   like to be able to see a consolidated view of all town legal expenses. The information is being   compiled and will be a part of the Town Annual Report
Art 24 Town   vote that an additional beach club on the public beach access at Wallis Road   Extension is not in the best interest of the town No action, but   should this be added to a master plan or other planning document so it is not   lost.
Art 25 Increase   to 5 the number of alternates for the Heritage Commission One   position filled, one altenate space is still available
Art 26 Require   that all town employees and members of boards and commisions sign a conflict   of interest form. Policy   approved at Nov. 26th meeting.  Most   boards,commissions and employees have signed
Art 27 Present   and evaluate a full range of all options to address the current and future   town office space requirements Report   provided and accepted by the BOS on November 26th.  BOS is workiing on a Warrant Article for   next stps
Art 28 Feel   that these positions on the ZBA should be elected directly by the voters as   is done, for example, for the Planning Board, the Board of Selectmen, the   Library Trustees, and not appointed by the Selectmen The   first group of elected ZBA members will be elected.
School $112K   for networking equipment (7 years old) and workstation Money   is being allocated now