Conservation Commission

Green Grass, Clear Water

The Rye Conservation Commission (RCC) will be hosting an online program – Green Grass, Clear Water, about lawn care and water quality about best management practices for lawn care and fertilizer use.  The program is scheduled for Monday May 3 at 6:30.  UNH Cooperative Extension will be providing the online seminar.  Look for more details about registrations and content soon. RCC and Rye DPW will both provide funding for the program and follow up sessions.  

A review of the septic system testing results on Marjorie Drive indicated that regular testing and maintenance of the systems had occurred.  During the 2020 testing round, 5 of the 6 properties had nitrate concentrations in treated effluent that exceeded the 15 mg/L limit established by the Planning Board Conditions of Approval.  Maintenance and re-testing in April and May of 2021 is planned by the septic system company to return the effluent concentrations from the septic systems to a concentration at or below the 15 mg/L limit.