Engaging with the Select Board

The Select Board typically meets the second and fourth Monday each month.

At the beginning of the meeting there is Public Comment.” Residents can make a statement and not accede five minutes. The Select Board will not engage in a discussion, they only listen.

If you wish to discuss something with the Select Board, a written request should be sent to the Select Board no later then 5pm on the Thursday before the meeting. There is a contact form on the Town Website that doesn’t work.

So e-mail the assistant at: JIreland2@town.rye.nh.us

If your topic is put on the “Consent Agenda” it must be “pulled” from the Consent Agenda to be discussed. So if the Select Board chooses not to discuss it, all items not pulled off the Consent Agenda are accepted in one motion.

If you are listed on the Agenda or under correspondence, than this topic will be discussed and you should get an opportunity to speak.

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