Board of Selectmen

Coakley Landfill threat to Rye

Slides: Click Here The last photo is a slide that shows them this video:

1) Here are important points. On May 11th the Rye Select Board agreed to sign, possibly with other towns, a letter to NHDES asserting that they must act in accordance with HB494 to stop the pollution of Berry’s Brook.  Go to 53:00 of the Recorded Video

2) Rye water samples collected in April 2022 had a total of 26 parts per trillion (ppt) of several PFAS. The state only regulates a few of them but that doesn’t mean the others are safe to drink. Rye deserves water without chemicals in it. See my blog post on this and how and why I installed a treatment system, at my own cost, to remove the chemicals from my Rye tap water here:

3) From Mindi Messemer book, Female Disruptors, describes the history of Coakley, the cancer cluster, and other information. The paperback and eBook are now available on Amazon Dorleena Wylie, the daughter of Lilian Wylie and former residents of Lafayette Terraces said about my book: 
“When I read Female Disruptors, I had cold chills that stirred memories of my mother’s fight. I felt my mom would have loved to read it. She would have been proud to know that Mindi Messmer is continuing the fight.”  ~ Dorleena Wylie, daughter of Lilian Wylie, resident who fought for environmental justice and lost her life to cancer.