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Planning Board: Negated Rules of Procedure

RCL memo:  RCL ROP Letter 7-28-14 RCL Table: RCL P.B. ROP content comparison 24 July 2014 What RCL found in Public Documents:  ROP discussion in PB Meeting Notes 2009 Rules of Procedure:  PB_Rules_of_Procedure 2009  These are what were posted on the Town Website until July 0f 2014, they have now been removed. Negated Rules of Procedures: [...]

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Rye Climate Change August 27, 2014 Notes and Documents

Overview Document:  Rye, County and State Climate Change Initiatives Overview 21 Actions for an Individual:   Climate Change 21 Things You Can Do 28 Actions for a Municipality:  Climate Change 28 actions for Municipalities Overview of Vulnerability Assessment:   Vulnerability Assessment Overview Risk Assessment:  Tides and Storms Risk Assessments NH Climate Change Past & Future:   NH Climate [...]

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RCL July 29, 2014 Planning Board TRC notes

NOTES OF JULY 29, 2014 RYE TECHNICAL REVIEW COMMITTEE MEETING Final Revision C – Provided by the Rye Civic League Summary Demolition of existing commercial building at 243 Central Rd. and replacement with new two story 3500 sq. ft. building discussed.  The need for a use intensity statement and drainage study are discussed. Addition of [...]

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RCL August 6, 2014 ZBA meeting notes with time stamps

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RCL July 30, 204 Budget Meeting notes

File for Civic News: RyeBudgetCteeNotes073014revBfinal 1. The School District reported a cumulative surplus of approximately $411,000 at the end of the latest fiscal year in June.  Most of this is being retained to avoid the appearance of a spike in the 2015-2016 tax rate.  This year’s tax rate should be flat, nevertheless.  More Detail 2. High [...]

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RCL Rye Farm Conservation Commission Site Walk Notes July 30, 2014

Site Walk notes for Civic News:  ConComsitewalkRyeFarm073014revCfinal PDF version to print:  ConComsitewalkRyeFarm073014revCfinal 1.  One parcel of 35 acres is proposed to be subdivided into five parcels, one containing the existing farm house, three containing single family homes and the fifth, requiring a wetlands crossing, containing either a ten unit Retirement Community Development (“RCD”) or another single [...]

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RCL August 11, 2014 BOS meeting notes

File for Civic News:  RyeBOSrclNotes081114revBfinal Discretionary easement to permit eight acres of land owned by James Philbrick to remain in current use is discussed following site walk.  Town Administrator is directed to confer with Town Counsel and the Town Assessor.  The matter will be discussed at a subsequent Board of Selectmen meeting.  More Detail Recreation [...]

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Planning Board August 12, 2014 RCL notes

1. 511 Wallis Rd- (formerRandproperty) major subdivision -  AttorneyPhoenix(02:45) – Builder O’Brien presents – changes relating to four seasons rooms, basements, porches, etc.  (15:50) – Public Hearing though it was not required (27:00) – Accept jurisdiction and approve plan for screened in porches (28:00)    2.  60 Elwyn Rd- two lot subdivision on one driveway  (32:30) [...]

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RCL Planning Board – August 28, 2014 Rules and Regulations notes

Members present: Keriann Roman, Chair of the Rules and Regulations and Bill Epperson, Chair of the Planning Board, member Ray Tweedie was absent. Also present, Planning and Zoning Administrator, Kim Reed. Chair Keriann Roman acknowledged receipt of documents sent by Sam Winebaum (same documents which were sent to the board in 2013 and earlier in [...]

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Opinion: Recent Developments in Rye

If you live near property that could be developed, you should be concerned about what has transpired over the last year or so. Additionally, builders bring in experts.  Residents rely on the Master Plan, the Planning Board, and the Town to do what is best for the residents. Foyes Corner: -          How would you feel [...]

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RCL Master Plan Overview

One key question is:  What are the resources required to maintain the Master Plan the right way? The town needs to first agree on what the right way is for Rye.   How the 2013 updates were made, communicated and the involvement of the public leave much room for improvement. Examples from 2013: – The [...]

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Planning Board Chair Master Plan Process Memo

Master Plan process memo

Planning Board Chair Memo to the Planning Department:

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RCL Conservation Commission August 21st Meeting Notes

1. 234 Central Road Dan Philbrick,243 Central Rd, rep by Eric Weiner 00:35 – redevelop and improve property (demo skin [...]

Town Hall Committee RCL Notes 29 July 2014

File for Civic News:  TownHallCteeMtg072914revBfinal 1.     Paul Goldman was elected Chairman and Lucy Neiman Vice Chairman following the resignation of [...]

RCL July 28, 2015 BOS meeting notes

File for Civic News Links:  RyeBOSrclNotes072814 1.     Site walk scheduled to review discretionary easement for James Philbrick.  More Detail 2.     [...]

RCL ZBA July 23, 2014 meeting notes with time stamps

Rye Zoning Board of Adjustment July 23rd 2014 Meeting At minute 1 of tape the Pledge of Allegiance Under God [...]

RCL ZBA July 2, 2014 notes and time stamps

Rye Zoning Bd of Appeal July 2nd 2014 Meeting Tape starts at 7:00 in the middle of  Lincoln, 250 Locke.  [...]

RCL July 1, 2014 Beach Committee Notes

NOTES OF JULY 1 RYE BEACH COMMITTEE MEETING Provided by the Rye Civic League   Present:  Members Lori Carbajal, Larry [...]