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Rye 2017 Open Positions

Here is the 2016 Table: Rye Positions December 2016 To run for any position for 2015 – forms can be completed at the Town Hall. The filling period is normally the last two weeks in January – RCL will update this the dates. January 23 to February 3rd for 2017  

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RCL Discussion Topics

Here are the different topics for discussion.   We have started with some information and opinion “not right or wrong”, just opinions and some information to get discussions going.   We will start with a manual process of attempting to communicate to specific people who let us know they would like more information when a [...]

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RCL November 28, 2016 BOS meetingnotes

File for Civic news:  RyeBOSrclNotes112816revBfinal The total of major CIP Plan projects is now $12,397,000 after Recreation and culvert projects were added.  More Detail The Parsons Creek Watershed Restoration Committee presented its final report.  A mandatory septic system inspection may be proposed at the 2018 Town Meeting.  Under the new pump out ordinance approved by [...]

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RCL explanation of Nov 9, 2016 Tax Rate setting

RCL Tax Rate Table:  RCL TaxRateSet110916revC 1.  The 2016 tax rate is down $.22 from 2015 to $10.68.  More than the entire reduction is accounted for by a reduction of the School tax rate of $.26 (State and Local). 2.  The Town tax rate is up $.04 to $3.00 despite $1 million from prior year [...]

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2016 Master Plan update & changes activities

This appeared in the October 2016 Civic News and shows that activities to date.  As of December 5th, there has been no public discussions to fund some of the proposed activities. 1. May and June Public Comments  Click Here 2.  At the September Planning Board meeting, Julie Labranche from the Rockingham Planning Commission (RPC), presented [...]

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RCL November 14, 2016 BOS Meeting notes

File for the Civic News:  RyeBOSrclNotes111416revCfinal The tax rate of $10.68, compared to $10.90 in 2015, was announced.  The reduction is entirely accounted for by the portion of the School District’s 2015-2016 surplus that is being returned to taxpayers this year. More Detail The Recreation Facilities Need Committee presented their report.  They would like a [...]

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RCL additional Information on Parsonage Committee Report

The Parsonage Committee Report Of interest to this timeline, a committee was formed in May to study the future of the Parsonage Apartments — referred as the Parsonage Committee as well as the Parsonage Long Range Planning Committee.  Incidentally, three (3) Planning Board members, Mel Low, Bill Epperson, and Phil Winslow, were members of the [...]

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Portsmouth Herald Article on Start times

By Brian Early PORTSMOUTH — The School Board voted 8 to 1 to start middle and high school later in the morning starting next school year. The change will push back the middle and high school start times about an hour and synchronize the elementary school start times. Currently the middle and high school start [...]

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PHS Considering Eliminating 9th Grade Honors Class

If you are not aware, the Portsmouth High School is looking to end the 9th grade honors program in English and Science (for the 2017-18 school year). They plan to offer honors in grades 10-12, but are strongly pursuing the idea of stopping it in 9th grade.  Many parents of past and upcoming PHS students are concerned about this decision.  At [...]

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RCL Notes on Proposed Zoning Amendment RCD 2017-04

Retirement Community Development (RCD’s)      Proposed Zoning Amendment (2017-04) Visit link to the full text of the Proposed Zoning Amendment (2017-04):  Click Here The amendment is intended to assure that RCD’s developed in Rye provide for dwelling units which are affordable to senior citizens. With respect to the town wide limitation, presently there are 20 [...]

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Opinion on Parsonage Apartments and RCD Units

 OPINION OF RESIDENT: The Parsonage Apartments lease with The Housing Partnership  (THP) dates back to 1999 and is expiring in 2019.  In 2010, the Town adopted a workforce housing zoning ordinance to comply with the requirements of RSA 674:59.  The charge from the Board of Selectmen to the Committee addressed the need for both “affordable [...]

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RCL Notes of Parson’s Creek Pollution Report to BOS 11-28-16

Parsons Creek Restoration Committee Report and Recommendations Presented to Board of Selectmen November 28, 2016 For online streaming of the presentation to the Selectmen click here Presentation starts at 24:30 elapsed, 7:04PM Highlights Data at sampling points is highly variable over time. It is difficult to conclude source and type of bacteria There were no [...]

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School Board Meeting November 16, 2016 RCL Notes

There was a fair amount of public comment. – RJH voted to include reduced time for the Librarian and Music [...]

Major Site Development 421 South Rd

  RCL Video of November 1st Planning board meeting: Part One:     Part Two:

Town Capital Improvement Plan 2017

CIP 2017-2022_final_draft Project Summeries CIP 2017-2022_final_draft List of Projects

RCL Board of Selectmen Notes October 12, 2016

Document for Civic News:  RyeBOSrclNotes101216revBfinal Selectman Mills is in the hospital and was again unable to attend.  The Board of [...]

RCL Board of Selectmen Notes October 24, 2016

File for Civic News:  RyeBOSrclNotes102416revBfinal (1) Several members of the public expressed opposition to the new Jenness Beach Bathhouse proposed [...]

RCL Notes of the October 19, 2016 School Board meeting

RYE NH SCHOOL BD. MEETING AT JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL 10-19-16 Notes provided by the Rye Civic League Time stamps of [...]