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Information on Rye Districts

Rye GIS of Jenness Beach Village District Jenness Beach Village District Annual Warrant and Budget Rye Beach Village District The three Village Districts in Rye are confusing to many Rye residents and taxpayers.   These Districts are independent of the town and have independent authority to levy taxes, and are governed by their own old-style [...]

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RCL notes for Rye Water District meeting March 28t

Video: 1.  Budget and all warrant articles passed. 2.  Warrant article to permit Rye Water District to supply water for 10 homes in Greenland passed.  A resident raised concerns about the negative financial impact to the District because Portsmouth would be providing the mains and making a significant profit on the water supplied by [...]

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RCL BOS Meeting Notes March 23, 2015

For the Civic News:  RyeBOSrclNotes032315revBfinal Board of Selectmen Meeting March 23rd: March 9th meeting was canceled. 1. The recount results for the Budget Committee race were announced.  Ray Jarvis and Doug Abrams still received the most votes and were elected.  More Detail 2. The Beach Committee was reappointed for another year, despite an assertion by Selectman Musselman that [...]

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Opinion: Frustration with lack of plastic recycling at the transfer-station/recycling center.

Frustration with lack of plastic recycling at the transfer-station/recycling center. The most common complaint we hear about our recycling center is the complaint that we are not able, as of yet, to recycle as much at our center as some other towns –primarily the #3-7 “other” (especially #5) (along with the misc. #1 egg cartons [...]

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RCL March 18, 2015 Demolition Committee meeting notes

Rye NH Demolition Committee Meeting March 18, 2015 Rye Civic League Time Stamps and Notes   Rand Lumber Barn 2:10 Alex Herlihy speculates before lumber yard the property was a farmstead and barn may predate 1910 founding of the lumber yard. 4:30 Brian Murphy who lives across the road asks to speak. Has looked through [...]

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RCL Notes form Solid Waste District Meeting

SolidWasteDistFinlData031815 SolidWasteDistFinlStmtsFYE033114 WaterSupplyAgmtWportsmouth  

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RWD Article Public Hearing March 19, 2015

For the Civic News: RyeWaterDistSB2hearing031215revCrevisedFinal   Resident points to research that he did on SB2, indicating that, once towns become larger and less cohesive, factions and groups form, and traditional town meetings become less effective.  More Detail Another resident points out the planned $5.5 million water treatment plant in 2017 and expresses concern that such a [...]

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RCL Planning Board Meeting Notes March 17, 2015

Detailed time stamps of Planning Board meeting March 17, 2015 Planning Board members present: Bill Epperson, Jerry Gittlein, Priscilla Jenness, Tom McCormack, Ann Crotty, Kerriann Roman, Jeff Quinn, Phil Winslow 1. Rye Junior High School, 501 Washington Road – relocation of boundary lines for acquiring adjacent land for outdoor curriculum purposes Case # 03-2015 2:55 [...]

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RCL ZBA March 4, 2015 Notes with time stamps

March 4, 2015 Meeting of Zoning Board of Adjustment 7 pm Town Hall. Members: Chair Ray Jarvis RJ, Vice Chair Paul Goldman PG, Clerk Burt Dibble BD, Shawn Crapo SC and Pat Weathersby PW. Time is indicative of minutes into video tape. 1:00 Call to order, pledge, introductions. 2:06 1/21/15 minutes 7:07 Motion to approve [...]

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RCL Candidates Night March 2nd

Candidates Night Video Click Here The video starts at 7:01:31 p.m. Bios provided by uncontested candidates: RCL 2015 Un-contested Candidates Introduction, ground rules, brief statements of non-opposed candidates (0:00 elapsed) Library Trustee:  Karen Oliver, Philip Boynton, Garry Layman (6:07 elapsed) Bio provided by candidates: RCL 2015 Library Candidates Budget Committee:  Ray Jarvis, Doug Abrams (absent), Mae Bradshaw [...]

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RCL Feb 10, 2015 Planning Board Notes

File for Civic News: RyePlngBoardNotes021515revCfinal 1. Lot line adjustment for School District purchase of land adjacent to Junior High continued to March [...]

RCL Notes BOS Meeting February 23, 2015

File for Civic News: RyeBOSrclNotes022315revCfinal Comcast representative attempts to explain why rates have been increasing so quickly.  Selectmen indicate that many [...]

RCL January 12, 2015 BOS Meeting Notes

File for the Civic News:  RyeBOSrclNotes011215revBfinal 1.                            A hearing was held on the Heisey lot unmerger request involving two parcels [...]

RCL January 26, 2015 BOS Meeting notes

For the Civic News:  RyeBOSrclNotes012615revC 1.                            Rockingham County indicates a projected tax rate increase of 1.9 percent.  There was discussion [...]

RCL January 15, 2015 Town Budget Public Hearing

File for the Civic News: RyeBudgetCteeNotes011515revBfinal Increase to Town Clerk/Tax Collector budget for third full-time employee was unanimously recommended. More Detail [...]

RCL January 14, 2015 School Budget Public Hearing notes

Details for Civic News: RyeBudgetCteeNotes011415revBfinal 1. Agreement has been reached with the teachers union. Improvements on health care costs, but wages went [...]