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Information on Rye Districts

Rye Districts: 1  Independent powers to levy taxes. 2.  Own officers, budgets and warrant articles. 3.  Governed through annual old-style town meetings.  All registered voters  in areas taxed by district may vote, regardless of services received. 4.  Services may include water, fire hydrants, street lights, sidewalks and trees, depending on district. Rye GIS of Jenness Beach Village District [...]

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RCL Discussion Topics

Here are the different topics for discussion.   We have started with some information and opinion “not right or wrong”, just opinions and some information to get discussions going.   We will start with a manual process of attempting to communicate to specific people who let us know they would like more information when a [...]

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RCL Notes of June 27, 2106 Board of Selectmen’s meeting

:  ”In response to a resident inquiry, Selectman Jenness provided information regarding a proposed 21 lot subdivision that would use land that she and her sister own onSouth Rd., plus three adjacent parcels currently under separate ownership.  She justified the current assessment of their 38 acre portion at approximately $60,000 based on their parcel having [...]

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Master Plan May 12th public comments from the meeting minutes.

Julie LaBranche, Rockingham Planning Commission, reviewed the Master Plan updates with the Board. She stated that a public forum was held on May 12th. There were about thirty people who attended the forum with about five tables and a facilitator at each table. The task was to respond to the draft of the Coastal Hazard [...]

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RCL Notes of the Conservation Commission June 16, 2016

RCL Notes, Conservation Commission, Meeting Thursday, June 16, 2016 WETLANDS: 1.     Odiorne Drive Condominiums, David Pelletier, 22 and 26 Odiorne Drive, Tax Map 17.3 Lots 11-3 and 11-4 Altus Engineering, Eric Weinrub, P.E. Project #4775 “The applicants are proposing to replace the existing single family detached condominium with a new condominium residence in a slightly [...]

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Mosquito Commission Posters and notes

BugThemPoster WantedNotPoster Last night meeting of the bug commission, we discussed distribution of the posters, I’ve enclosed PDFs below please use as you see fit. I feel they are both fun and informative. We had a rep from Swamp Inc.  the CEO we discussed larvae sitings etc.  and his company is on track with getting [...]

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South Rd 21 Lot Development Tracking

The July 12th Meeting is a “Conceptional Consultation”, this is for the Planning Board and the Builder to review and discuss the plans before the builder submits any formal plans. June 29 2016 South Rd 21 lots

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Jenness Beach Lighting Social Wed. July 13th 9:00 pm

Wednesday July 13th at Jenness Beach 9 pm Street Light FAQ Come have a late dessert with the Jenness Beach Streetlight Committee and view the two newly installed sample LED streetlights to be installed throughout the Jenness Beach District next year. Ask questions and give us your comments. See Nextdoor, the Jenness Beach page on [...]

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RCL Notes on Rye Water District May 4, 2016 meeting

Video: Detailed summary 11:25 elapsed:  Chris Bird (sp?) of Wright Pierce states that, despite seven bid packages having been sent out, there was only one bid presented for the Parsons Road water main project.  The bid was $254,000 compared to a budget of $189,000.  He suggested possible reductions in scope to remain within the [...]

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RCL May 23, 2016 Board of Selectmen Notes

File for Civic News:  RyeBOSrclNotes052316revBfinal Text of letter from Joe Tucker is below: Eversource has been cutting trees on private property along Washington Rd. based on a “verbal signature.”  The Selectmen and residents expressed concern that Eversource is not fully informing the residents of their options.  Tree cutting in the Town right-of-way will not occur [...]

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RCL May 9, 2016 BOS Meeting Notes

File for Civic News:  RyeBOSrclNotes050916revBfinal Portsmouth has withdrawn its offer to consolidate services with Rye.  More Detail All three members of Rye’s State Legislative Delegation were present to discuss cancer clusters and possible pollution of the water supply.  More Detail A tardily-filed beach permit application was approved on the condition that there be no further [...]

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RCL 2016 Annual Meeting June 20th 6pm Sawyers Beach

Please join the Rye Civic League for our Annual meeting 6 pm at Sawyers Beach (Rye Public Library  inclement weather) We will have paper goods, so bring your own picnic dinner, your own beach chair  and maybe something to share and meet all the people who bring you the Civic News and all the other [...]

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RCL Parson’s Creek May 17th Site Walk Notes

Rye Civic League Notes Parsons Creek Watershed Committee Tuesday May 17, 2016 Site Walk Present: All members of the Committee, [...]

RCL May 26th School Board Meeting Notes

Rye NH School Board Meeting May 26, 2016 Rye Civic League Notes Note:  The video is available at  The [...]

RCL Notes of Parson’s Creek Pollution Committee April 27, 2016

Charge from the Selectmen:  Parsons Creek Charge 2016 Rye Civic League Notes Parsons Creek Watershed Restoration Committee April 27, 2016 [...]

RCL Notes BOS Meeting April 25, 2016

File for Civic News: RyeBOSrclNotes042516revBfinal Agreement was reached with Seacoast Velokids to have them use trails near the Rye Airfield, rather [...]

RCL Notes of Budget Committee meeting April 26, 2016

(0:00 elapsed) Paul Goldman elected Chairman, Jaci Grote Vice Chairman and Peggy Balboni Clerk. (14:35 elapsed) Three sets of minutes [...]

RCL April 11 BOS meeting notes

File for the Civic News:  RyeBOSrclNotes041116revBfinal The application by Seacoast Velokids to use the Town Forest for bicycling events was [...]