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Information on Rye Districts

Rye Districts: 1  Independent powers to levy taxes. 2.  Own officers, budgets and warrant articles. 3.  Governed through annual old-style town meetings.  All registered voters  in areas taxed by district may vote, regardless of services received. 4.  Services may include water, fire hydrants, street lights, sidewalks and trees, depending on district. Rye GIS of Jenness Beach Village District [...]

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RCL Discussion Topics

Here are the different topics for discussion.   We have started with some information and opinion “not right or wrong”, just opinions and some information to get discussions going.   We will start with a manual process of attempting to communicate to specific people who let us know they would like more information when a [...]

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RCL Notes of Parson’s Creek Pollution Committee April 27, 2016

Charge from the Selectmen:  Parsons Creek Charge 2016 Rye Civic League Notes Parsons Creek Watershed Restoration Committee April 27, 2016 Rye Town Hall Video Streaming of the Meeting here: Members Present: Craig Musellman, Sam Winebaum, Lynn Pinkham,  Peter Reilly, John Riley Also attending: Michael Magnant, Town Administrator: Kim Reed, Planning and Zoning Adminstrator; Peter [...]

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RCL Notes BOS Meeting April 25, 2016

File for Civic News: RyeBOSrclNotes042516revBfinal Agreement was reached with Seacoast Velokids to have them use trails near the Rye Airfield, rather than the Town Forest, for children’s biking events.  More Detail After vigorous discussion over the advisibility of allowing surfing camps on July Fourth, Summer Sessions was granted a beach permit.  Permits were also issued to [...]

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RCL Notes of Budget Committee meeting April 26, 2016

(0:00 elapsed) Paul Goldman elected Chairman, Jaci Grote Vice Chairman and Peggy Balboni Clerk. (14:35 elapsed) Three sets of minutes approved. (20:09 elapsed) School District Business Manager presents third fiscal quarter (ending March 30, 2016) results: 1. District is on track to return $350,000 to $400,000 surplus in 2015-2016 to taxpayers. 2. A good winter [...]

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RCL April 11 BOS meeting notes

File for the Civic News:  RyeBOSrclNotes041116revBfinal The application by Seacoast Velokids to use the Town Forest for bicycling events was tabled after Conservation Commission opposition. More Detail Rye’s representative to the Coastal Risk and Hazard Commission reported that estimates for sea level rise by 2100 range from 1.6 to 6.6 feet. More Detail An “august” [...]

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RCL April 13, 2016 School Board Time Stamps and Notes

Rye NH School Board Meeting April 13 2016 Video:    Click Here 0:01 Call to Order 0:02 Approve March minutes, public and non-public. 0:03 School Bd. Training/alignment 0:06 Spending from Trust funds 0:08 Update on RJH principal search 2 Rye 1 New Castle parents 0:11 Curriculum Cabinet update by Asst. Supt. Kelli Killen. Professional Development(teacher [...]

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Files for Civic News May 2016

Survey upload:  Recreation Space Needs Survey Recreation Commission Space Needs updated charter:  04-04-16 RRFNAC Updated Charge Solar Tour Flyer:  Durham-Solar101-Flyer-5-24-sm Jenness Beach Streetlight Project:  JB Streetlight Project Jenness Beach Budget from meeting:  Jbvd 16 Budget

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RCL Conservation Commission April 21st Notes

Official Draft Minutes not available at time of posting these Notes Town Hall Streaming: Abenaqui Country Club – Expedited DES permit request for removing a brick drainage pipe across the second hole near the clubhouse and restoring to an open stream across a fairway. Build a bridge across. A site walk was scheduled for [...]

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RCL Notes of the March 28, 2016 BOS Meeting

File for the Civic News: RyeBOSrclNotes032816revBfinal The Selectmen approved the Conservation acquisition at 561 South Rd. (lot 5) for $350,000. More Detail Dump permits for contractors and landscapers will be put in place following Town Meeting approval.  There will be no charge until 2017.  More Detail The charges for the Parsonage Committee and the Parson’s Creek [...]

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RCL School Board March 16, 2016 Notes and Time stamps

File for the Civic News:  RyeSchBdRclNotes031616revBfinal NOTES OF MARCH 28, 2016 RYE SCHOOL BOARD MEETING Final Revision B – Provided by the Rye Civic League Editor’s note:  For ease in finding particular sections using the archived video and audio on Vimeo, the elapsed time is indicated.  Use the slider and the elapsed time indicated at [...]

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RCL Discussion of Town Challenges

At the Public Forum discussion (starts when the RCL meeting closes), there was a discussion about the many challenges facing Rye and the pace of action and progress.  THIS IS FROM THE PUBLIC DISCUSSION and NOT the RCL. Standing on the sidelines and hoping our elected and appointed officials take action is not enough.  For [...]

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BOS March 14, 2016 RCL Notes

RyeBOSrclNotes031416revBfinal New Meeting Rules for Public Comment:  StdMtgProcedures031416 Water main replacement and repaving will occur this summer near Marsh and [...]

RCL Discussion: Fire Department Consolidation

At the March 28th BOS meeting, the BOS discussed the proposed plan to merge the Rye Fire Department with Portsmouth. [...]

March 1, 2016 Planning Board RCL Notes

“Request for exemption from site review for Outdoor Pride,” as is stated in the agenda notice, was granted with the request [...]

Rye Junior High Structure Discussions

March 16th Presentation:  MiddleSchoolStructure031616 March 16th Time stamps: 0:00 elapsed:  Election of Scott Marion as Chairman, Kevin Brandon as Vice-Chairman [...]

Seacoast Cancer Cluster Information

Facebook page:  Click Here February 2nd Report:  2 Feb 2016 rhabdomyosarcoma2016 NH Department of Health & Human Services webpage for [...]

Coastal Risk & Hazard Commission Information

March Report for Public Comment:  CRHC_REPORT_March for Public Comment