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RCL January 31, 2015 Deliberative and School Deliberative Feb. 4th – Videos

Videos and Notes of the Town are all posted now and School Deliberative Sessions (Feb. 4  will be posted here as they become available over the next few days).  TOWN Deliberative Meeting Videos and RCL Notes w/ Time stamps: Town Meeting minutes:  Click Here Section 1 Video Articles 1 to 15:  Click Here RCL Meeting [...]

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2015 Town & School Election Support

Absentee Ballot:  Click Here Town Ballot:  Click Here School Ballot: Click Here Rye Water District Budget:  RWDbudget2015   Rye Water District Warrant (Ballot): RWDwarrant2015 Jenness Beach Budget:   JBDbudget2015     Rye Beach Budget:  RBDbudget2015 Open Town positions:  2015 vacancies Candidates for the March 10th Election:  2015 CANDIDATES FOR OFFICE List RCL Budget Analysis:  RCL 2015 Budget Analysis pre- [...]

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RCL Feb 10, 2015 Planning Board Notes

File for Civic News: RyePlngBoardNotes021515revCfinal 1. Lot line adjustment for School District purchase of land adjacent to Junior High continued to March meeting. More Detail 2. Wentworth-by-the-sea Country Club gets approval for lot line adjustment to allow 32,000 sq. ft. purchase of adjacent land. More Detail 3. Rye Farm (561 South Rd., D.D. Cook) continued as agreement in principle [...]

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RCL Notes BOS Meeting February 23, 2015

File for Civic News: RyeBOSrclNotes022315revCfinal Comcast representative attempts to explain why rates have been increasing so quickly.  Selectmen indicate that many elderly residents on fixed incomes may be unable to decipher the complex schedule of rates to find the $24.60 per month minimum service. More Detail Town is looking for the oldest Rye resident to receive [...]

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RCL January 12, 2015 BOS Meeting Notes

File for the Civic News:  RyeBOSrclNotes011215revBfinal 1.                            A hearing was held on the Heisey lot unmerger request involving two parcels on Harbor Rd.  No decision was reached.  The discussion focused on whether or not the lots had separate septic systems. More Detail 2.                            The final report on the Beach Parking Study was presented.  Discussion focused [...]

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RCL January 26, 2015 BOS Meeting notes

For the Civic News:  RyeBOSrclNotes012615revC 1.                            Rockingham County indicates a projected tax rate increase of 1.9 percent.  There was discussion of consolidation with the Fire Department and whether that would necessitate going away from County dispatching for Fire.  More detail 2.                            The mosquito control contract was awarded to Swamp, the low bidder.  No marsh restoration [...]

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RCL January 15, 2015 Town Budget Public Hearing

File for the Civic News: RyeBudgetCteeNotes011515revBfinal Increase to Town Clerk/Tax Collector budget for third full-time employee was unanimously recommended. More Detail Addition of $25,000 to the capital outlay budget to permit Route 1A parking space striping was recommended 7-1. More Detail Town Hall project for $4.1 million was unanimously recommended. More Detail Firefighters union contract was [...]

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RCL January 14, 2015 School Budget Public Hearing notes

Details for Civic News: RyeBudgetCteeNotes011415revBfinal 1. Agreement has been reached with the teachers union. Improvements on health care costs, but wages went up 2.4 to 3.5 percent. More Detail 2.  A $10,000 warrant article to provide funds for a deposit on land behind the Junior High School was approved unanimously.   The plan is to finance the acquisition [...]

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RCL Planning Board notes January 13, 2015

Planning Board – Jan 13, 2015 – taken from town web site posted minutes Because meeting was moved from Jr High back to town hall, Pl Bd forgot to film it In attendance: Chari Epperson, V.C. Winslow, members Tweedie, Low, Gittlein, BOS rep. Jenness, alternate Quinn seated for regular member Roman. Brief Summary: 1. 561 [...]

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RCL Conservation Commission January 15, 2015 Notes and Time stamps

Conservation committee meeting    1/15/15 Present: Sally King chair, Jaci Grote, Suzanne Mc Farland, Jim Raynes, Peter C – one of the 3 remaining members was not present but I don’t know them – Jeff Gardner, F Lawton Struble III, Mike Garvan Time stamps on posted video: 1:00 – 54? Church Rd –– subdivide one lot [...]

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RCL ZBA January 7, 2015 Time stamps

Present: Chair Ray Jarvis, Patty Weathersby, Sean Crapo, Burt Dibble, Charles Hoyt Time stamps 1. 39:00 – application to rehear ZBA decision on use of helicopter at Petey’s rest. by owner Peter Aiken (this was only dealing with the building inspectors letter, not a general decision about helicopter use) Application denied 4-1 2. 42:35 – [...]

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Article 9 Add a new police officer

Police vs. Pop Chart

From Chief Walsh:  The purpose of this summary is to inform Rye residents of the types of crimes and quality [...]

Town Hall December 3, 2014 RCL Notes

For the Civic News:  TownHallCteeMtg120314revDrevisedFinal Full Meeting Room (i.e. Great Hall) capacity of 247 persons will be supported by the [...]

RCL December 3, 2014 ZBA Meeting Notes

NOTES OF DECECMBER 3, 2014 RYE ZONING BOARD OF ADJUSTMENT MEETING Final Revision B – Provided by the Rye Civic [...]

RCL December 22, 2014 BOS meeting notes

File for Civic News:  RyeBOSrclNotes122214revBfinal 1.   Recycling Education Committee continues to push pay-as-you-throw warrant article. More Detail 2.   Town will look at [...]

RCL December 8, 2014 BOS Meeting notes

File for Civic news:  RyeBOSrclNotes120814revBfinal Selectmen approve, 2-1, a resident’s request to solicit petitioned warrant articles at the Recycling Center.  [...]

RCL 2015 Budget Analysis & Warrant Articles January 28, 2015 7:00 pm RPL

For the third year, the RCL will provide an overview of the budget and warrant articles