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2015 Rye Departments, Commissions, Boards and Committees

File for Civic News link:  DEPARTMENTS 2015 2015   DEPARTMENTS, COMMISSIONS, BOARDS & COMMITTEES Assessor Assessing ClerkField Appraiser    Dave HynesJoanne Drewniak Virginia Merrill Todd Haywood  Hired Beach Committee Keper ConnellLori Carbajal Larry Rocha Steve Hillman   2014-2015 Building InspectorAdministrative Assistant Peter RowellRosalie Andrews HiredHired Budget Committee  Paul E. Goldman- Chair 2017Raymond Jarvis-Clerk 2018 Douglas Abrams [...]

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RCL Town Hall Survey presentation October 13, 2015 RCL notes

Video Link Click Here 0:00 elapsed:  Call to order, pledge 4:55 elapsed:  Andy Smith of UNH Survey Center describes survey and the 39% response rate to 2981 households mailed to. 14:20 elapsed:  Town Hall usage:  88% use Town Hall every 2-3 months or less frequently than that.  85% use to register their cars, 59% to pay [...]

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Town Hall Committee 10-21-15 meeting RCL notes

1.  Chairman Goldman summarized his “take aways” from the survey.  Citizens: a.  Value the current building b.  Value the current site c.  Are very cost conscious d.  Do not see a need for the Great Hall e.  Do not view voting at the Elementary School as an issue f.  Implicitly view $2 to $2.5 million [...]

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October 26, 2015 BOS Meeting notes

File for Civic News:   RyeBOSrclNotes102615revBfinal   Selectman Jenness related her experience at the recent Rising Tides Conference, and pushed for more action and citizen involvement. More Detail Initial proposal for Fire Department consolidation with Portsmouth was presented.  Discussions will continue.  More Detail Parsons Creek Watershed bacteria contamination source investigation has been inconclusive thus far, but [...]

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October 14, 2015 BOS Meeting notes

File for the Civic news:  RyeBOSrclNotes101415revBfinal The Capital Improvement Program Committee presented the CIP Plan for 2016-2021, which included recommendations to spread out a number of capital expenditures to prevent debt service from reaching an all-time high in 2017. More Detail  The five surplus vehicles, including three police cruisers and two dump trucks, that have [...]

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NH Open House Art Studio’s in Rye

NH Made NH Open Doors is a statewide cultural event. Go to NH Open Doors for more information and participants  We hope to see you! Nina Fox Herlihy 55 Lang Road Rye, NH 03870 603-373-8933 Fun, delightful, affordable wall and standing carved and assembled found art and wood sculptures. Owls, Fish, Whales, Mermaids, [...]

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RCL Notes September 28, 2015 BOS Meeting

Minutes for the Civic News:  RyeBOSrclNotes092815revBfinal Two new firefighter/paramedics were sworn in.  More Detail The Housing Partnership asked the Town to give them the Parsonage Apartments, assessed at over $1 million, so that they can raise money to renovate them.  They would be unwilling to continue with the existing arrangement, which expires in 2019. More [...]

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RCL Planning Board Meeting Notes September 15, 2015

Rye Planning Board Meeting Sept 15, 2015 7 PM Rye Town Hall Courtroom  Rye Civic League Notes Link to official draft minutes: Town Hall Streaming video of meeting: Amendment to Zoning Section 504 Tourist Accommodations’ requirement to produce records for police inspection.  Amended to comply with US Supreme Court decision which said such [...]

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Draft CIP Priorities for 2016

From the current draft: The Priority Lineup that will go into the Executive Summary are: Note that Water District investments (can be in the millions) are in the appendix and not factored into this list. 1.      Dump Truck #109 for adequate snow removal $165,000. 2.      Town Hall Building Design (2016) $200,000. 3.      Red Mill Road Culvert $150,000. 4.      Police [...]

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RCL BOS Sept 14, 2015 meeting notes

RCL Notes for the Civic News:  RyeBOSrclNotes091415revBfinal Selectmen approve 2 percent pay increase for budget, despite inflation of .2 percent, as contracts have a 2 percent floor. More Detail Mosquito problems near Parsons Rd. will be looked into.  Contractor asserts mosquitoes are way down in part due to few high tides flooding the marshes in [...]

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Rye Town Hall Running off the Rails

Link to Herald Letter to the editor:  Click Here Rye Town Hall project, running off the rails Posted Sep. 17, 2015 at 2:01 AM Sept. 14 — To the Editor: Thanks to the Town Hall survey signs, I have been fielding a lot of Town Hall questions and here is what I have been telling [...]

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RCL August 26, 2015 BOS Meeting Notes

File for Civic News:  RyeBOSrclNotes082615revBfinal Lifeguard staffing of Town beaches ended August 23 due to school year starting. More Detail [...]

Sanders Poynt Court Ruling August 2015

Herald Article:  Click Here Court Statement:  NOD Order on Scope of Easement 082015 Donations can be sent to CCANH Box [...]

RCL August 10th BOS Meeting Notes

File for Civic News: RyeBOSrclNotes081015revBfinal One of two signs requested by the Heritage Commission indicating that the Town Hall is on [...]

August RCL News help

Safety Building:  2015 fire prevention Wedgewood Letter:  ParentWedgewoodAnnouncement Table for Agenda:  RCL Meeting Coverage 8-2015 PDF:  RCL-Meeting-Coverage-8-2015 Meeting Date Video [...]

RCL Town Hall Committee July 2015 Notes

7/7/15 1.  Non-public sessions were conducted after this meeting and the prior one.  Discussion was apparently regarding acquisition of a [...]

RCL July 16, 2015 Conservation Meeting Notes

File for Civic News: RyeConComNotes071615revCfinal Site walk scheduled for wetlands application at 31 Parsons’ Rd. on July 30. More Detail Tracy [...]