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2015 Deliberative Town Meeting January 31st 9am RPL – Support

Open Town positions:  Click Here RCL Budget Analysis:  in process – will be posted last week of January Town December 10th Budget Summary:  TownBudgetSummary121014 Summary Table of Warrant Articles from the RCL: Supporting Information for Warrant Articles: Pay As You Throw program: – Waste Zero presentation: Rye NH BA 12-15-14 Additional Police Officer: – Table of [...]

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Rye 2015 Open Positions

Here is the 2015 Table: Rye 2015 vacancies To run for any position for 2015 – forms can be completed at the Town Hall. The filling period is normally the last two weeks in January – RCL will update this the dates. January 21 to January 30th for 2015  

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Town Hall December 3, 2014 RCL Notes

For the Civic News:  TownHallCteeMtg120314revDrevisedFinal Full Meeting Room (i.e. Great Hall) capacity of 247 persons will be supported by the bathrooms (including two bathrooms on the third floor, below the belfry) and egress capacity, but not the cooling or septic systems that have been designed for 150 persons.  Selectman Musselman asserts that these issues are [...]

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RCL December 3, 2014 ZBA Meeting Notes

NOTES OF DECECMBER 3, 2014 RYE ZONING BOARD OF ADJUSTMENT MEETING Final Revision B – Provided by the Rye Civic League Present from the ZBA (left to right):  Clerk Burt Dibble, Shawn Crapo, Patty Weathersby, Alternate Charlie Hoyt.  Absent:  Vice Chairman Paul Goldman. Also present:  Planning Administrator Kim Reed. Editor’s note:  For ease in finding [...]

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RCL December 22, 2014 BOS meeting notes

File for Civic News:  RyeBOSrclNotes122214revBfinal 1.   Recycling Education Committee continues to push pay-as-you-throw warrant article. More Detail 2.   Town will look at turning on Portsmouth Public Media TV (channel 98) in Rye.  First year cost will be zero, but PPMtv will ask for $5 per household in subsequent years.  Selectmen propose a 2016 warrant article after the [...]

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RCL December 8, 2014 BOS Meeting notes

File for Civic news:  RyeBOSrclNotes120814revBfinal Selectmen approve, 2-1, a resident’s request to solicit petitioned warrant articles at the Recycling Center.  Selectman Mills voted no after insisting on knowing the contents beforehand. More Detail New Town Flag was awarded to the designer, former Rye Junior High School student William Gerrish. More Detail Utility pole request on [...]

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RCL 2015 Budget Analysis & Warrant Articles January 28, 2015 7:00 pm RPL

For the third year, the RCL will provide an overview of the budget and warrant articles  

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RCL Conservation Meeting 12-18-2014 Time stamps

Conservation Commission – Dec. 18th meeting – time stamps 00:00:53 – White horse farms – last house – proposal to remove shared driveway and install new driveway; 00:17:00 - site walk scheduled ———————————————————– 00:19:24 – discuss various properties being donated; develop process to check of during site walks 00:22:50 – discuss other properties already donated; monitoring [...]

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RCL Planning Board December 9th Time Stamps

Planning Board meeting Dec 9, 2014 – time stamps 0:1:49 – 561 South Rd – continued to Jan. meeting ————————————————————————– 0:2:31 – 23 Locke Rd – Arbor Rd. Trust – subdivide one lot into two lots; issues: trees, impervious surface, drainage, etc. 0:41:40 – PB takes jurisdiction with conditions —————————————————————————————– 0:51:10 – 511 Wallis Rd [...]

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2015-2016 School Budget Information

2015-16 School Tax Increase

FULL PROPOSED BUDGET 2015-2016 WITH COVER               Curriculum Overview RES Principal Overview RJH Principal Overview Executive Summary What has changed summary Budget Allocation Chart Staffing Costs and Changes Maintenance Summary Enrollment Projections    

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RCL Planning Board Rules and Regs meeting notes November 18, 2014

NOTES OF NOVEMBER 18, 2014 RYE PLANNING BOARD, RULES AND REGULATIONS SUBCOMMITTEE MEETING Final Revision C – Provided by the Rye Civic League Present from Planning Board:  Bill Epperson, Keriann Roman. Present from the Town:  Kim Reed, Planning Administrator Present from the public:  Peter Crawford Editor’s note:  For ease in finding particular sections using the [...]

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RCL School Budget Overview November 6, 2014

Rye NH School Board 11/6/2014 1st Budget Discussion 2015/16 Year. 0:01:00 SB Mandate to have a flat and up 2% [...]

RCL Budget Committee November 13, 2014 Summary Table

Budget meeting Summary Table:  BudCtee111314budgetSess

Rye Recycling November 2014 Meeting notes

Rye Recycling

On 11/25 we further worked on wording for the Petitioned Warrant Article for SMART (Save Money and Reduce Trash) –  we are still [...]

Does Rye need an IT Strategy?

Does the town need an IT plan? If you have any IT experience please watch the BOS November 24th, starting [...]

Rye Energy December 2, 2014 Agenda

Rye Energy Committee Meeting Tuesday, December 2, 2014 6:30-8 PM Rye Public Library Agenda   Approve November 4, 2014 Minutes [...]

Rye Energy Committee November 4, 2014 Meeting Minutes

   Rye Energy Committee  Tuesday, November 4, 2014 6:30-8 PM Rye Public Library Present:  Michele Sopher, Danna Truslow, Howard Kalet, [...]