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Town Hall Committee RCL Notes 29 July 2014

File for Civic News:  TownHallCteeMtg072914revBfinal 1.     Paul Goldman was elected Chairman and Lucy Neiman Vice Chairman following the resignation of Victor Azzi as Chairman.  More Detail 2.     SMP Architecture presented an option for a rectangular building, which together with the existing building, would provide 12,595 sq. ft.  The Committee decided to pursue this option, with [...]

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RCL memo about Rules of Procedure 7-28-14

RCL memo:  RCL ROP Letter 7-28-14 RCL Table: RCL P.B. ROP content comparison 24 July 2014

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RCL July 28, 2015 BOS meeting notes

File for Civic News Links:  RyeBOSrclNotes072814 1.     Site walk scheduled to review discretionary easement for James Philbrick.  More Detail 2.     Jessica Downing sworn in as firefighter/paramedic providing 24/7 coverage.  More Detail 3.     Paving contract awarded.  The rest of Washington Rd. and parts of Central Rd. and Brackett Rd. will be paved.  Paving at the Parsonage [...]

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RCL ZBA July 23, 2014 meeting notes with time stamps

Rye Zoning Board of Adjustment July 23rd 2014 Meeting At minute 1 of tape the Pledge of Allegiance Under God At minute six Petralia , 25 Appledore to remove/build new Building and 8’ left side setback. At minute 59 Dibble moves to approve- approved. At 1 hour 1 minute White at 26 Odiorne Dr. At [...]

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RCL ZBA July 2, 2014 notes and time stamps

Rye Zoning Bd of Appeal July 2nd 2014 Meeting Tape starts at 7:00 in the middle of  Lincoln, 250 Locke.  Chair Jarvis, VC Goldman, clerk Dibble Members Weathersby, Crapo, alternante Hoyt. Weathersby moves, Crapo 2nds to allow building 11’ from Wetlands and septic 40’ from wetlands. At tape minute 40 Applicant Mack, 1064 Washington Rd. [...]

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RCL July 1, 2014 Beach Committee Notes

NOTES OF JULY 1 RYE BEACH COMMITTEE MEETING Provided by the Rye Civic League   Present:  Members Lori Carbajal, Larry Rocha, Steve Hillman, Keper Connell.  Not present:  Colin Drake. Also present:  Police Chief Kevin Walsh Persons present from the public included:  Joe Cummins, Pat Spalding   6:13 p.m. Start of meeting 6:14 p.m. Four meetings [...]

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RCL July 14, 2014 BOS Meeting Notes

File for Civic News:  RCL 7-14-14 BOS Meeting Notes 1. Records retention policy approved.  It appears that documents have been retained for longer than necessary and that there will be a lot of shredding in the first year. More Detail 2. Decision on permit for yoga on the beach deferred as applicant has State permit in [...]

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RCL July 17th Conservation Commission meeting notes

Time stamps noted for different items and highlights within items 0:00 elapsed.  Meeting called to order.  Minutes approved.  Re-vote on prohibition against target shooting at the last meeting as Charlie Raynes voted and he was not a member.  All in favor on revote. 2:26 elapsed.  Members introduce themselves and public hearing on the 11 acre [...]

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RCL June 23, 2014 BOS Meeting Notes

HTML version for Civic News:   RCL BOS June 23, 2014 meeting notes 1. Recycling Committee introduces proposal for $2.00 per bag “pay-as-you-throw” program.  A number of residents question the proposal. 2. Selectmen approve acceptance by the Town of a donated conservation easement on a portion of the Retirement Community Development (“RCD”) to be constructed on [...]

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What will pass for Town Hall?

Please try to attend the August 5th Presentation at the Rye Public Safety Building at 6:30pm The existing plan moving forward is a new 6,000 two story building with an underground connector to the existing Town Hall.  The existing Town Hall will be renovated.  The entire Town Hall complex is estimated to be 12,000 square [...]

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Public Forum Discussion

The Public Forum Discussion is held the fourth Wednesday of the month at the RPL and begins once the RCL [...]

Does the 511 Wallis Road Still Qualify as an RCD

511 Wallis RCD

Looking at all of the changes (variances, exceptions, waivers) and the current request to have all the units be much [...]

School Board June 5, 2014 Video Time stamps

Rye School Board Meeting 6/5/2014 Members attending S Marion, P Balboni, M Moody, and K Hillman Adminstrative/SAU staff and various [...]

RCL June 9, 2014 Board of Selectmen notes

HTML for Civic News:  RyeBOSrclNotes060914revBfinal 1.     Regionalization to be considered for fire services. 2.     Permit for Zumba lessons on the beach denied. [...]

RCL June 4, 2014 ZBA Notes and time stamps

June 4th 2014 Meeting of ZBA Rye NH Time stamps below indicate highlights of the meeting members- Chair Jarvis, Clerk [...]

RCL May 22, 2013 THC RLC notes

Rye Town Hall Committee on May 22, 2014 Members Present:  Victor Azzi, Priscilla Jenness, Paul Goldman, Beth Yeaton, Peter White, [...]