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RCL 2017 Election Support Documents

RCL Test 2017 Warrant Articles PRE Deliberative Meeting RCL 2017 Warrant Articles PRE Deliberative Meeting RCL 2017 Budget Analysis pre-Town Meeting Final Rye Positions 2017 School Board File Form 2017 Town Position File Form Firefighters CBA 2017 Police Contract 2017 CBA DPW 2017 CBA RYE TOWN HALL Jan 2017 Heritage communities.finalpf  

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Rye 2017 Open Positions

Here is the 2016 Table: Rye Positions December 2016 To run for any position for 2015 – forms can be completed at the Town Hall. The filling period is normally the last two weeks in January – RCL will update this the dates. January 23 to February 3rd for 2017  

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RCL Discussion Topics

Here are the different topics for discussion.   We have started with some information and opinion “not right or wrong”, just opinions and some information to get discussions going.   We will start with a manual process of attempting to communicate to specific people who let us know they would like more information when a [...]

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RCL notes of January 9, 2017 Budget Committee Hearing

1.  The Budget Committee engaged in vigorous discussion of the approximately $3.4 million Selectmen’s warrant article to tear down and rebuild the Town Hall (4:05 elapsed). a.  Randy Crapo stated that he would be embarrassed to recommend this option as it does not meet the needs.  He said that he would be voting against recommending [...]

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RCL Notes of the January 12, 2017 Budget Committee Public Hearing

1.  The Budget Committee voted 6-1 in favor of recommending the $80,000 warrant article to advance the Recreation Community Center design.  Peggy Balboni voted against, citing the unused space at the Junior High and the need for an overall plan for Town facilities (7:53 elapsed). 2.  A resident expressed opposition to the $3.4 million Selectmen’s [...]

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RCL notes of School Budget Committee Public Hearing Jan. 11, 2017

1.  The Budget Committee revoted its approval of the school operating budget after a $67,906 increase to pay for Rye’s share of a new Assistant Business Manager at the SAU 50 office (0:00 elapsed). 2.  A resident challenged the need for an approximately $330,000 increase in the Special Education Budget, which is up from approximately $1 [...]

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Rye Historical Society Cabin Fever Tea February 18th 3pm to 5pm

The Rye Historical Society has commenced its 2017 membership drive.  All Rye residents interested in learning about and preserving our town’s rich history are asked to join.  Individual memberships start at just $10.  To join, visit our website, at the museum during open hours at 10 Olde Parish Road or during our “Cabin Fever” Tea [...]

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RCL January 2017 Board of Selectmen Annotated notes.

RyeBOSrclAnnotatedMinutes010317revBfinal RyeBOSrclAnnotatedMinutes010517revBfinal RyeBOSrclAnnotatedMinutes010917revBfinal RyeBOSrclAnnotatedMinutes011717revBfinal

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RCL January 23, 2017 Board of Selectmen meeting notes

File for Civic News:  RyeBOSrclNotes012317revCfinal A deputy Building Inspector may be appointed pending a full-time hire if the budget passes. More Detail Rather than selling or trading in the old ambulance, the Town will keep it as a spare, with the issue to be revisited in six months. More Detail A new warrant article was [...]

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School Board Update E-mail to Parents

  January 2017 Welcome to your January 2017 monthly Rye school board update. It is our goal that this be your “one source” for School Board information. Each update will publish upcoming meetings dates, minutes from our last meeting along with key news items, and a “Did You Know?” section about our schools and/or school [...]

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421 South Road Major Site Development

421 South Road PETITION #2 DENY 421 SOUTH RD 1-16-17 POSTCARD PETITION #2 DENY 421 SOUTH RD 1-16-17

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January 19th Conservation Commission January 19, 2017 RCL Notes

RCL Notes of January 19th, 2017, Conservation Commission Meeting 1. WETLAND APPLICATION A.  Dean Koravos: 92 Old Beach Road, Map 8.4/Lot 119 Mark West, West Environmental – Sea Wall Mark West, Wetland Scientist, representing the applicant, apologized to the board in regards to this application stating that it has been before this board for months [...]

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RCL Budget Process FAQs

Please come back and check again as we did not have time to review before this was posted  

RCL notes built form the December 21, 2016 School Board Meeting

File for the Civic News:  RyeSchoolBoardAnnotatedMinutes122116revBfinal 1     Business Manager Jim Katkin will be retiring in the next few [...]

RCL Notes of the December 27, 2016 BOS Meeting

File for the Civic News:   RyeBOSrclNotes122716revBfinal 1.     The Selectmen refused to provide further details or answer questions about the acquisition of [...]

RCL Updated Town Hall information December 2016

Town Hall Information for Facilities Planning September 2016  

Eversource Notice on Tree Trimming December 2016

  EVERSOURCE ASSERTS RIGHT TO TRIM YOUR TREES IF YOU DO NOT RESPOND EversourceTreeTrimmingBrochureDec2016 for a brochure recently sent to certain [...]

Town Purchase of Transfer Station Land – RCL Notes as of 12-30-16

Supporting Documents: Transfer Station Conditions for Settlement,   Transfer Station Plan,  Deed1904 ,   Decree Quieting Title,   RyeMotionDismiss,   Transfer Station Land Check Summary [...]