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RCL Rye Water District April 1, 2015 meeting notes

1.  General discussion and review and revision of March minutes (0:00 elapsed) 2.  Former Commissioner John Murtagh arrives.  No water main breaks on Ocean Blvd. over the winter.  One on Harbor Rd.  The State is going after the bond of Hugo Key, contractor for the water main project, due to some sort of issue. (1:28:02 [...]

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RCL April 27, 2015 BOS Meeting Notes

File for Civic News:  RyeBOSrclNotes042715revBfinal Resident request for striping of parking spaces along Ocean Blvd. will not be accommodated this year, although a site walk to look at striping of driveways, crosswalks and intersections will be conducted on April 29.  More Detail Comcast franchise agreement renewal will continue the terms of the prior contract, using [...]

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RCL Conservation April 16, 2015 time stamps

1.  Approval of minutes (0:46 elapsed) 2.  Wetlands permit, Gregg, 1230, 1232 and 1234 Ocean Blvd.  Site walk scheduled for April 28 (2:35 elapsed) 3.  Information on actions taken by other entities (12:02 elapsed) a.  Shoreland Impact Permit for 1270 Ocean Blvd. (map 17.3 lot 58). b.  Notice of Ground Water Management Permit, 5 Pioneer [...]

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RCL ZBA April 1, 2015 notes and time stamps

Rye NH Zoning Board of Adjustment Meeting April 1 2015 (timestamp of streaming video on town website) Preliminaries: 00:00:00 Pledge of Allegiance 00:01:26 Intro Ray Jarvis (RJ) Chair, Paul Goldman (PG) vice-Chair, Burt Dibble (BD) Clerk, Shawn Crapo (SC), Patty Weathersby (PW). Per state law reorganized. BD nominates  PW as Chair and PG as vice-Chair, [...]

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RCL Notes of April 13, 2015 BOS Meeting

File for Civic News:  RyeBOSrclNotes041315revBfinal Summer Sessions beach permit tabled for two weeks after e-mail from resident expresses concern about possible activities last year beyond the scope of the permit. More Detail Public Safety Building Energy audit reveals shortcomings in the construction and configuration leading to energy waste.  More Detail Winter-related costs will be $45,000 [...]

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Jenness Beach Village District Annual Meeting 2015 RCL Notes

File for the Civic News: JBVDannualMtg041115revCfinal Budget of $100,050 and all other articles approved.  Several officers elected in uncontested races. More Detail Discussion of beach and sign issues. More Detail Rye Energy Committee member Michele Sopher gave a presentation pointing out a $9000 annual savings from the conversion of 69 streetlights to LEDs.  A committee was [...]

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BOS Beach Issues work meeting April 9, 2015

File for Civic news:  RyeBOSrclNotes040915beachWorkSessrevBfinal Police Chief Walsh presented a detailed analysis of parking along Route 1A indicating that there are 51 driveways that may need to be “boxed.”  A final decision will be made after a site walk.  More Detail The 2015 budget is insufficient to stripe parking spaces along Route 1A.  More Detail [...]

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Town Memorial Day Celegration 2015

2015 Rye Memorial Day Ceremony and Parade On Monday, May 25, 2015 at 9:00 a.m. the Town of Rye will conduct a Memorial Day Ceremony at Central Cemetery.  The Ceremony will begin with a parade from the Veterans Monument ending on the green at Central Cemetery.  Participating in the parade will be New Hampshire Police Association Pipes [...]

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RCL May 2015 Civic News Docs Food Composting, Conservation Land Maintenance…

Rye Solar Energy Workshop with NHSEA_May 2015 Final version Rye Food Scrap Collection program – now open to all residents Town Hall Committee Charge Recycling Education Committee Charge Rye Beach Committee Charge 2015 RyeBOSrclNotes042915siteWalkrevBfinal

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Information on Rye Districts

Rye GIS of Jenness Beach Village District Jenness Beach Village District Annual Warrant and Budget Rye Beach Village District The three Village Districts in Rye are confusing to many Rye residents and taxpayers.   These Districts are independent of the town and have independent authority to levy taxes, and are governed by their own old-style [...]

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RCL notes for Rye Water District meeting March 28t

Video: 1.  Budget and all warrant articles passed. 2.  Warrant article to permit Rye Water District to supply water [...]

RCL BOS Meeting Notes March 23, 2015

For the Civic News:  RyeBOSrclNotes032315revBfinal Board of Selectmen Meeting March 23rd: March 9th meeting was canceled. 1. The recount results for the [...]

Opinion: Frustration with lack of plastic recycling at the transfer-station/recycling center.

Frustration with lack of plastic recycling at the transfer-station/recycling center. The most common complaint we hear about our recycling center [...]

RCL March 18, 2015 Demolition Committee meeting notes

Rye NH Demolition Committee Meeting March 18, 2015 Rye Civic League Time Stamps and Notes   Rand Lumber Barn 2:10 [...]

RCL Notes form Solid Waste District Meeting

SolidWasteDistFinlData031815 SolidWasteDistFinlStmtsFYE033114 WaterSupplyAgmtWportsmouth  

RWD Article Public Hearing March 19, 2015

For the Civic News: RyeWaterDistSB2hearing031215revCrevisedFinal   Resident points to research that he did on SB2, indicating that, once towns become larger [...]