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Rye and New Castle November Election Support

Click Here for Official Ballot for Rye (note New Castle should be the same) Click Here for Absentee Ballot Form RCL Candidates Night: Candidate Information for State Senate, State Representative and Executive Council:  RCL Candidates’ Night 10-21-14 State Senate Q&A Video:  Click Here Executive Council Q&A Video: Click Here State Representative Q&A Video: Click Here State Representative: [...]

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RJH Harvest Festival October 21st

Flyer;  harvest_fest_flyer_2014 Rye Junior High School will be having its 6th Annual Harvest Festival on Tuesday, October 21st from 6-8pm. This is a FREE community event, where you can enjoy homemade soups and desserts, where some of the items used in the soups came from the two gardens cared for by Rye Junior High students. [...]

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RCL Town Hall Committee September 18, 2014

RCL Notes:  THCworkingGroup091814revBfinal 1. Local builder, Town resident and 2011 Town Hall Space Needs Committee member Joe Tucker presented his case that demolishing the existing Town Hall and building a single replacement building, arguing that the cost would be lower. More Detail 2.     Town resident Del Record questions whether or not the Committee [...]

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RCL THC Working Group notes September 11, 2014

RCL Notes file: THCworkingGroup091114revBfinal 1. The architect states that, due to the extent of change to the Town Hall, the most stringent building code applies, and the building must be brought up to code.  The building is deficient in part because the building appears to have been extended upward at some point by placing new [...]

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RCL BOS Meeting notes September 22, 2014

File for Civic News:  RyeBOSrclNotes092214revBfinal The Selectmen adopted the new Town flag, with a design process led by Michael Mittelman under the auspices of the Rye Historical Society.  More Detail Results of Climate Change Workshops were presented.  Maps modeling sea level rise of 1.7 to 6.3 feet, with and without 100 year storm surge, will [...]

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RCL BOS September 8, 2014 meeting notes

File for civic news: RyeBOSrclNotes090814revBfinal State Sentator Stiles presented Departing Fire Chief Skip Sullivan with a framed copy of a State Senate Resolution recognizing his 46 years of service.  More Detail New police officer Amanda Gauthier sworn in.  More Detail  Wallis Road box culvert will be replaced in October, necessitating road closure.  The installation has been [...]

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RCL notes of September 9, 2014 Planning Board Meeting

Planning Board meeting Sept 9, 2014 - selected items with time stamps 243 Central Rd (3:38) – Altus engineering representing owner Dan  Philbrick proposal to demo existing building and replace with two story building for single or mixed office use;  new building would be closer to road with parking in back  (3:38) Discussion: 14:00 – Flexibility of [...]

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Rye Healthcare Forum October 7th

Flyer:   Rye Healthcare Forum Flyer Health Care Coverage In NH: Your Questions Answered   Join us Tuesday, October 7th from 6-8 pm Rye Public Library Rye, NH Moderator – Thomas M. Sherman, MD State Representative – Rye and New Castle – House Committee on Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs Physician – Core Gastroenterology, Exeter, [...]

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RCL July 29, 2014 Planning Board TRC notes

NOTES OF JULY 29, 2014 RYE TECHNICAL REVIEW COMMITTEE MEETING Final Revision C – Provided by the Rye Civic League Summary Demolition of existing commercial building at 243 Central Rd. and replacement with new two story 3500 sq. ft. building discussed.  The need for a use intensity statement and drainage study are discussed. Addition of [...]

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RCL August 6, 2014 ZBA meeting notes with time stamps

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RCL July 30, 204 Budget Meeting notes

File for Civic News: RyeBudgetCteeNotes073014revBfinal 1. The School District reported a cumulative surplus of approximately $411,000 at the end of the [...]

RCL Rye Farm Conservation Commission Site Walk Notes July 30, 2014

Site Walk notes for Civic News:  ConComsitewalkRyeFarm073014revCfinal PDF version to print:  ConComsitewalkRyeFarm073014revCfinal 1.  One parcel of 35 acres is proposed to [...]

RCL August 11, 2014 BOS meeting notes

File for Civic News:  RyeBOSrclNotes081114revBfinal Discretionary easement to permit eight acres of land owned by James Philbrick to remain in [...]

Planning Board August 12, 2014 RCL notes

1. 511 Wallis Rd- (formerRandproperty) major subdivision -  AttorneyPhoenix(02:45) – Builder O’Brien presents – changes relating to four seasons rooms, basements, [...]

RCL Planning Board – August 28, 2014 Rules and Regulations notes

Members present: Keriann Roman, Chair of the Rules and Regulations and Bill Epperson, Chair of the Planning Board, member Ray [...]

Opinion: Recent Developments in Rye

If you live near property that could be developed, you should be concerned about what has transpired over the last [...]