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RCL 2016 Town Election Support

  Page 100 of the Mater Plan: Page 100 Master Plan RCL Budget Presentation Pre-Town Meeting: RCL 2016 Budget Analysis pre- Town Meeting RCL Warrant Article Presentation pre-Town Meeting:  RCL 2016 Warrant Articles Pre-Delib 28 Jan 16 RCL Town Buildings Presentation:  RCL Town Buildings Jan 3, 2016 Overview Rye 2016 Town Budget 14 Jan Version Town Budget Jan [...]

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RCL Discussion Topics

Here are the different topics for discussion.   We have started with some information and opinion “not right or wrong”, just opinions and some information to get discussions going.   We will start with a manual process of attempting to communicate to specific people who let us know they would like more information when a [...]

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Town Hall Committee December 8, 2015 RCL Notes

Document for the Civic News:  RyeTHCnotes120815revCfinal The scope of work for the architect under the pending warrant article was agreed to.  Cost estimates and designs are to be generated for five different options. More Information The fifth option, which would involve spending approximately $500,000 to acquire the parcel just north of the Public Safety Building, [...]

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December 28, 2015 BOS Meeting RCL Notes

File for Civic News:  RyeBOSrclNotes122815revBfinal A letter from the Heritage Commission states that the reference to demolition in a proposed warrant article on Town Hall would make obtaining Seven to Save grant funds extremely difficult.  Selectman Musselman disagreed, and would not modify the warrant article wording.  More Information An $80,000 warrant article to study community [...]

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Town Hall Committee December 2, 2015 RCL Notes

File for Civic League.  RyeTHCnotes120215revB 1.     A resident asserted that the Committee has been wasting its time as the parameters of square footage and cost have not been agreed to. More Information 2.     The Committee voted to advance five options to the next stage.  The Selectmen will draft a warrant article to ask the town for funds to [...]

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Rules & Regulation Dec. 15, 2015 RCL Notes

Summary of meeting: Member present: Planning Board members, Keriann Roman and Bill Epperson as well as Planning and Zoning administrator, Kim Reed, and Building inspector, Peter Rowell. Keriann Roman, Chair of the Rules and Regulations Committee, opened the meeting by stating that it was an extra meeting for the public to voice their concerns and [...]

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Planning Board, Dec. 22, 2015 RCL Notes

Click Here: Link to Agenda: Click Here: Link to Town Video Streaming: Members of the Planning Board present: Bill Epperson, Chairman; Phil Winslow, Vice-Chairman;  Priscilla Jenness, Selectmen’s Rep: Melvin Low: Jeffrey Quinn, Alternate: Anne Crotty Alternate: JM Lord Absent: Jerry Gittlein; Keriann Roman; Tom McCormick, Clerk The meeting  agenda consisted of: 1. A Public Hearing for a [...]

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RCL Discussion: Is the Planning Department and Boards Communicating Effectively?

Civic League Analysis-Zoning Ordinance Amendment Public Notice and Public Input Introduction Members of the public complained at the December 8th and December 22nd, 2015 Planning Board public hearings, as well as during the Rules and Regulations meeting on December 15th, that the 2016 Proposed Zoning Amendments had been poorly advertised. It appears that all meetings [...]

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RCL December 14, 2015 BOS meeting notes

File for Civic News:  RyeBOSrclNotes121415revDfinal RCL Town Hall Information presentation:  Click Here The report of the Town Hall Committee recommending that five options be further pursued to arrive at cost estimates generated vigorous discussion about (a) the willingness of the Town to fund additional study after the expenditure of $350,000 on Town Hall and (b) [...]

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RCL Notes of December 17th Conservation Commission Meeting

1.      0 Wentworth Road, Lot 24, Map 68.  Wetland applications for a driveway with wetland crossing and surface alteration in wetlands buffer.  Notes summarizing Conservation Commission meeting and recent history about application: The applicant, Steven Binnie, for property owned by Edmund J. Mulcahy, has filed for a three-lot subdivision and a lot line adjustment with [...]

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RCL 2016 Budget meeting Support

RCL .xls Table for the All Day Budget Meetings:  BOSbudgetSession102215revB RCL PDF Table for the All Day Budget Meetings:  BOSbudgetSession102215revB

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RCL Note November 23, 2015 BOS Meeting

File for Civic News:  RyeBOSrclNotes112315revBfinal A septic tank pump out ordinance is being considered for parcels located in the Parsons’ [...]

RCL November 9, 2015 BOS Notes

File for Civic News:  RyeBOSrclNotes110915revBfinal It was agreed that a warrant article would be prepared leading to possible sale of [...]

RCL November 17, 2015 Rules and Regulations

Discussion of details of a draft of significant and extensive Wetlands Ordinance changes. As is the practice in these work [...]

RCL Discussions: Management of our Beaches

This text is to promote  discussion.   This is starting  information, please remember that opinions are “not right or wrong”, just [...]

RCL Discussion: Rye Schools

This text is to promote  discussion.   This is starting  information, please remember that opinions are “not right or wrong”, just [...]

RCL Discussion: Protecting the Character of Rye

This text is to promote  discussion.   This is starting  information, please remember that opinions are “not right or wrong”, just [...]