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RCL Information on Conservation Acquisition Hearing Nov. 10th

HEARING ON CONSERVATION ACQUISITION OF FORMER RAND LUMBER PROPERTY, NOVEMBER 10, 2014, 6:30 P.M., TOWN HALL Draft RandPurchaseAndSale CIP Table of Conservation Purchases RandLotLayout RandAppraisalLtr RandValueCalcof 16 lots Rand Lumber Comps BOS A-P Process for Conservation Purchases Notice of hearing:  Click here (hearing to be coincident with BOS meeting) 1.  Former Rand Lumber property of approximately […]

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Demolition Meeting Nov. 13th 9am Information

Jim Tegeder of the Heritage Commission reports “the building is in bad shape on the backside. Windows are broken, foundation is cracked and is open to the weather. The roof has bad patches and generally looks like it suffered multiple grenade attacks.”  Here’s what Mae had e-mailed to a long list of people:  “To board […]

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RCL Beach Committee Notes Sept 29, 2014

NOTES OF SEPTEMBER 29, 2014 RYE BEACH COMMITTEE MEETING Final Revision B – Provided by theRyeCivic League Present (clockwise around table):  Police Chief Kevin Walsh, Committee members Lori Carbajal, Keper Connell, Steve Hillman, Larry Rocha.  Absent:  Colin Drake. Present from the public:  Peter Crawford, Joe Cummins. Editor’s note:  For ease in finding particular sections using […]

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Conservation Commission RCL Notes October 16, 2014

NOTES OF OCTOBER 16, 2014 RYE CONSERVATION COMMISSION MEETING Final Revision B – Provided by theRyeCivic League Present from the Conservation Commission (counterclockwise around the table):  Jim Raynes, Lawton Struble, Dyana Ledger (Transcriptionist, not member), Mike Garvan, Sally King, Suzanne McFarland, Alternate Charles Raynes, Jaci Grote. Also present:  Peter Crawford, Don Cook, Tracy Degnan. Editor’s […]

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RCL Rye Farm Conservation Commission Site Walk Notes July 30, 2014

Site Walk notes for Civic News:  ConComsitewalkRyeFarm073014revCfinal PDF version to print:  ConComsitewalkRyeFarm073014revCfinal 1.  One parcel of 35 acres is proposed to be subdivided into five parcels, one containing the existing farm house, three containing single family homes and the fifth, requiring a wetlands crossing, containing either a ten unit Retirement Community Development (“RCD”) or another single […]

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RCL Conservation Commission August 21st Meeting Notes

1. 234 Central Road Dan Philbrick,243 Central Rd, rep by Eric Weiner 00:35 – redevelop and improve property (demo skin salon building) ; wet lands issues with parking discussed, etc.  site walk scheduled 11:09 – Dan Philbrick gives history of property;  has purchase and sales agreement with gas station owner ( his father built it in […]

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RCL July 1, 2014 Beach Committee Notes

NOTES OF JULY 1 RYE BEACH COMMITTEE MEETING Provided by the Rye Civic League   Present:  Members Lori Carbajal, Larry Rocha, Steve Hillman, Keper Connell.  Not present:  Colin Drake. Also present:  Police Chief Kevin Walsh Persons present from the public included:  Joe Cummins, Pat Spalding   6:13 p.m. Start of meeting 6:14 p.m. Four meetings […]

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RCL July 17th Conservation Commission meeting notes

Time stamps noted for different items and highlights within items 0:00 elapsed.  Meeting called to order.  Minutes approved.  Re-vote on prohibition against target shooting at the last meeting as Charlie Raynes voted and he was not a member.  All in favor on revote. 2:26 elapsed.  Members introduce themselves and public hearing on the 11 acre […]

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Open Positions June 2014

Membership Vacancies: – Mosquito Commission – one   Click Here to learn more – Recycling Education – one – Rye Beach District  Alternate Positions not filled: – Conservation Commission  Click Here to learn more – Heritage Commission Click Here to learn more – Historic District  Click Here to learn more – Planning Board Click Here […]

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BOS and State Beach Discussion April 29, 2014 RCL Notes

HTML: File for Civic News: bosWorkSessionWithStateReBeaches042914revAfinal   NOTES OF APRIL 29, 2014 BOARD OF SELECTMEN WORK SESSION WITH STATE REGARDING BEACH ISSUES Final Revision A – Provided by the Rye Civic League Clockwise around the table:  Chris Fetter, State Police, Mike Magnant, Rye Town Administrator, Priscilla Jenness, Rye Selectman, Craig Musselman, Rye Selectman, Lori Carbajal, […]

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Rye Helping Rye COVID-19

RCL will create a Rye Helping Hands Facebook Page but we need two or three Facebook people to admin the […]

Most Current Rye Civic News

Rye Civic News January 2019 from the RCL Rye Civic News December 2018 from the RCL Rye Civic News November […]

RCL Parson’s Creek Pollution Information

December 11, 2017 presentation to BOS repeats known findings that we have an issue.   Video Click Here – 1:34 after […]

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