RCL Beach Committee Notes Sept 29, 2014


Final Revision B – Provided by theRyeCivic League

Present (clockwise around table):  Police Chief Kevin Walsh, Committee members Lori Carbajal, Keper Connell, Steve Hillman, Larry Rocha.  Absent:  Colin Drake.

Present from the public:  Peter Crawford, Joe Cummins.

Editor’s note:  For ease in finding particular sections using the archived video and audio on Vimeo, the elapsed time is indicated in hours, minutes and seconds.  Use the slider and the elapsed time indicated at the bottom of the video window to fast forward to the desired section.  The video is available at https://vimeo.com/107487958/

Initial discussion

1:00  Review of season’s meetings. Mission is to observe. Summer less hectic.

Connell thinks more hectic.Vt.,Maine,Montreal,NYvisitors.

Chief Walsh: NH heavily advertises Jenness and Wallis Sands.

8:00 State assistance dollars toRye. Hillman: state rakes it in on rooms/meals.

9:49Hamptonputs beach part time officers in budget.

13:30  Trash receptacles filled by mid-day by tourists.

15:00 Hillman – we tried nothing, we tried dumpsters.

Permits and fees

18:00 Permit fees – funding for other things.

Special fund no money to general fund.

20:00 The legwork of the permit process. Trash barrels.

22:00 Summer Sessions kids clean up.

25:00 Buried alcohol challenges. Sawyers- no barrels – Hillman.

28:00 Carbajal sees beach trash as far asLove Lane.

Thousand dollar fine proposed.

Resident sticker parking

Sawyers some spots, Cable all used.

32:00   2000 permits sold, far fewer available.

Townspeople care on parking.

35:00 Awaiting parking study. Chief leaves.

39:00 Canadians wantJennessBeachdue to parking. Multi-space large cars,

Campers, RVs.

42:00 Much no parking onNorth Hamptonstate road.

46:00 Buses make dog walker go in road.


49:00 Lifeguard discussion.What do they do? Hillman says do it through

Fire Dept.

52:00 Enforcement/Lifeguards Authority of Guards.

57:00 Visibility for Guards to do their jobs.

60:00 Hillman guards/smoking.

Other issues

1:09:00 Standup paddleboard rights.

1:10:00 Kayaks – no beach launching

1:13:00 Mandatory safety pamphlet to renters.

1:16:00 Night surfing.

1:23:00 Surf Shop permit /insurance none?

1:26:00 Foss underutilized.

1:28:00 Summer Sessions ratio 4:1 Cinnamon Rainbow older students 2:1 ish.

1:30:00 Rocha walks the beach frequently.

1:36:00 Nice Flyers hockey story.

1:37:00 Carbajal more fees.

1:41:00 Carry in CARRY OUT.

1:42:00 More fees.

1:43:00 More fees.

1:48:00 Protocols permits/applications- 5 approved.

1:52:00 Colin Drake not attending.

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