Beach Use Committee Motion from December 12th Mtg

This motion was raised at the December 12th meeting and failed at a vote at the January 6, 2014 meeting.  It was sent to the RCL to be included with the Rye Civic News

Motion by Delton Jonathan Record, Jr. to Beach Usage Committee December 12, 2013.

Whereas the town has decreed by vote to form a committee appointed by the selectmen to study the impact of operation by persons, businesses activities et al., and the selectmen have charged the committee to assess the current and future impact, the town decrees and deserves our best effort.  Citizens critical of our work insist on the study.

Mike Labrie stated the committee minutes serve as the study and pointed to empirical data.

Tom Farrelly stated many citizens have communicated directly to him the need for beach ordinance.

Katy Sherman has significant documentation to support her position.

Chief Kevin Walsh may have conviction and complaint history.

Chief Skip Sullivan may have EMS response data.

Tyler McGill reported statistical data regarding client volume and beach usage impact by date and time.

Selectmen directed the committee to assess (not study) the impact.

Josh Carroll provided a detailed process recommendation for our study. It has been stated, some do not care about Mr. Carroll’s credentials or his legacy report. We should. We should listen to expert comments to help mold and guide our decision. Mr. Carroll advised us on the study process and knows more about it than we do.

Therefore I move to extract data from our minutes that supports our study, point to empirical data, compile criminal and EMS statistics, assemble current usage data, amass email statements of concern, explain why we were charged to assess and not study, evaluate comparative space usage and comment why we choose to disregard Josh Carroll’s recommendation and present those results at public session.

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