Opinion: Recent Developments in Rye

I f you live near property that could be developed, you should be concerned about what has transpired over the last year or so.

Additionally, builders bring in experts.  Residents rely on the Master Plan, the Planning Board, and the Town to do what is best for the residents.

Foyes Corner:

–          How would you feel if you lived across the street?  Would you want something that large built there.

–          The entire rotary is now connected to the Portsmouth Sewer system, so this makes it easier to support additional development.  What will be the cumulative traffic impact of this, Rand’s Lumber, Webster atvRye, etc…  We do not have any way to define what is too much traffic.

Rand Lumber (511 Wallis Rd)

This was 69 acres bought for around $1.2 million.  The town allowed the lot lines to be changed so the builder could construct a Retirement Community Development in the front.

–          If the median sale price inRyeis $557K and these are $550K to $650K condo’s, who is this a Retirement Community for?  Just those who can downsize to a $550K to $650K condo that if you sneak in a refurbished basement and count the screened in porch some of these can be 3,000 sq. ft.

–          Retirement Community Units is currently limited to 51 units.  With 21 build, these 20 units only leave 10 more for the next developer

–          The Planning Board did not insist before the lot lines were changed, that a right of way be maintained to the additional land.  Now if this land does not go to conservation and is developed, access will be through Liberty Common.

–          If the Builder paid $1.2 million for all of the property, what do you think the town should pay for the remaining land as conservation?  Note, much of it is wet-lands

Webster at Rye:

You will be hard pressed to find anyone who is not supportive of Webster atRye, for what they do, the growing need and how well they have been doing it.

However, this was build as a Special Exception to allow a commercial entity in a residential neighborhood.  Webster atRyecontinues to expand.  So when do multiple special exceptions become an abuse of a privilege?

Residents are asking for a commitment for now more significant additions on this property.  Two members of the Planning Board were willing to discuss this, but conversation was ended as the result of a very vocal member and the silence of the others.

Developments in Process;

–         234 Central Road, while this maybe an astetic upgrade, maintaining wet lands buffers to absorb water is a key step in preventing flood damage for others.

–         561 South Road– Protecting wetlands and more development?

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  1. Mary Harb September 29, 2014 at 3:27 pm #

    The opinions in the letter “Recent Development in Ryes” are well supported by facts, and Rye residents should take notice. Of particular concern is the current trend to ignore the Master Plan in favor of development at any price. It may be time for the members of the Zoning and Planning Boards to re-read this document which was ratified by the citizens of our town. Our elected Board members have a duty to represent Rye residents, not big business. It is a shame that the true costs of unsustainable and irresponsible development will be passed on to our children. Is this the legacy we want to leave?

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