RCL ZBA March 4, 2015 Notes with time stamps

M arch 4, 2015 Meeting of Zoning Board of Adjustment 7 pm Town Hall.

Members: Chair Ray Jarvis RJ, Vice Chair Paul Goldman PG, Clerk Burt Dibble BD,

Shawn Crapo SC and Pat Weathersby PW.

Time is indicative of minutes into video tape.

1:00 Call to order, pledge, introductions.

2:06 1/21/15 minutes

7:07 Motion to approve amended minutes PW abstains.

7:08 2/4/2015 minutes.

13:00 SC motions to approve amended minutes PG abstains.

14:00 Chair outlines ground rules.

16:59 Kyle Morin 127 Clark Road.  Ist application. Setback and deck issues.

34:41 SC moves to grant relief, all approve.

36:00 Atty Phoenix for Atty Pelech for client Beattie Trust 1126 Ocean Blvd.

58:00 Septic/Driveway interplay discussion.

1:31:00 Recital of basis for granting/denying.

1:37:00 SC concerns on neighboring roof lines.

1:43:00  Neighbor speakers in support.

1:45:00 Neighbor speaking in opposition. Shower/generator/AC unit(s) – Noise.

2:09:00 PG favors application generally.

2:10:00 SC speaks of 1982 variance grant. Now will be huge domineering.

2:23:00 5 minute time out.

2:35:00 SC considers voting on all items separately.

2:40:00 PW motions to deny 603.1 variance, passes with PG opposed.

2:43:00 Wall a few feet needing 20 feet 4-1 against approval PG opposes denial.

2:46:00 Generator issue. PW moves to deny , passes, PG opposed.

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