Demolition Commission

RCL March 18, 2015 Demolition Committee meeting notes

Rye NH Demolition Committee Meeting

March 18, 2015

Rye Civic League Time Stamps and Notes


Rand Lumber Barn

2:10 Alex Herlihy speculates before lumber yard the property was a farmstead and barn may predate 1910 founding of the lumber yard.

4:30 Brian Murphy who lives across the road asks to speak. Has looked through the barn. Has talked to owners who express some remorse on demolition. 54’x36’ standard barn. Has some desire to move the barn across the street to his property, also a former Rand family property at 496 Washington Road. His property has initials and 1848 on a beam.

7:00 some issues with timeline given weather and plans for the Rand Lumber property.

8:50 owners willing to give Murphy barn and potentially assist with costs of moving.  Given potential timeline issues Alex Herlihy asks if Murphy would pass on alternative of exploring having someone disassemble and use parts.

13:10 alternative might be to disassemble. Potentially use pieces to build a smaller barn at Murphy property. Murphy preference is to bring present barn across the street.

16:20 Ed Hayes owner of barn arrives. His people were waiting at the barn.

18:30 Mae Bradshaw asks what the timeline would be. Murphy: movers haven’t been able to really see the project and create a workflow due to the snow. Window for Hayes:  we would like it done as soon as possible, 60 days. If in process to move, contracts  in place, will let process go through. No drop dead date.

20:35 Herilhy to work on a back up plan for disassembly based on prior barn removals.

21:00 Bradshaw is a goal date of June 1 feasible Reasonable according to Hayes and Murphy.  Building Inspector Rowell states maybe a permit for removing side pieces earlier.

22:50 motion to permit removing outlying parts now, discussed. Discussion of permits, moving wires.

26:10 Motion to approve demolition of attachments (only) to barn. Permit for demolition to be issued for with. Carriage shed off back, etc… Approved

28:15 Second motion discussed.  Reserve decision on demolition subject to effort to move barn, completed by June 1 or some reasonable alternative approved by Hayes and Murphy. Should owners wish to extend then that option is available to them.  If Murphy finds it is not possible  by a date earlier than June 1 and there are no alternatives agreed by the parties then another meeting to tear it down. Motion Approved.

34:30 Hayes how long to move? Peter states, about a week if undercarriage is OK but there are unknowns  Discussion of concrete poured after the fact under old barns as this one has

4 Washington Road-Kelly Property.

38:25 4 Washington Road discussion.  Abutter at former Rye on the Rocks, last house on corner of Washington and 1A wants to be notified when hearing occurs. Asst to Rowell Rosalie Powers Andrews has had communications from abutter concerning water running from 4 Washington Road and pumping.  Concerns about what is going to occur.  A public hearing may be necessary. Rowell a storm water management plan will be needed for a new house. Water will have to be disposed of when a foundation for a new house is built.  Bradshaw as someone has expressed concerns, a public hearing should occur before a demolition hearing is held.

43:40 Rowell shows proposed plans. House will be moved back from ocean. Discussion of existing and proposed septics.

46:30 discussion of demolition hearing for 4 Washington with proper notice, signs, and notification of public. Motion to have a public hearing as public interest has been expressed March 26, 1PM approved