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Town Hall Committee December 8, 2015 RCL Notes

Document for the Civic News:  RyeTHCnotes120815revCfinal

  1. The scope of work for the architect under the pending warrant article was agreed to.  Cost estimates and designs are to be generated for five different options. More Information
  2. The fifth option, which would involve spending approximately $500,000 to acquire the parcel just north of the Public Safety Building, may be moot as it may be sold before a decision is reached. More Information
  3. After a Committee member expressed disappointment with the 11th hour identification of structural issues with the Town Hall by the architect, Selectman Musselman acknowledged that a study three years earlier should have identified the issue, but only $5000 of $40,000 voted on Town Hall in 2011 was spent on structural rather than space needs issues.  More Information
  4. Members of the public expressing a view were unanimous in faulting the Committee for a lack of space needs and budget parameters, and argued that the Town was unwilling to spend significantly more than $2 million.  More Information
  5. A resident argued that the Town Hall would be a tough sale as the Town had been sold a “bill of goods” on the Public Safety Building.  More Information
  6. Selectman Musselman stated that all five options are leading to a $2.5 million to $3 million cost, and stated that they would need to work with the architect to get the 8000-9000 sq. ft. building constructed for that.  More Information