Board of Selectmen Town Meetings

RCL Notes of January 25, 2016 BOS Meeting

File for Civic News:  RyeBOSrclNotes012516revBfinal

  1. The Rockingham Planning Commission will be assisting the Long Range Planning Subcommittee of the Planning Board with updating the Land Use, Transportation and Natural Resources chapters of the Master Plan. More Detail
  2. A letter from the Historic District Commission Chairman was read but there was no reaction and the Chairman of the Board of the Selectmen stated that it would be filed.  The letter requests that, if the town acquires the parcel at 541 Washington Rd., that it comply with the Zoning Ordinance section relating to the Historic District.  More Detail
  3. The Selectmen cited a decision by a single judge in Grafton County, now on appeal to the New Hampshire Supreme Court, to support its decision to start placing its recommendations for or against certain non-money petitioned warrant articles, on the warrant and the ballot.  More Detail
  4. The President of the Rye Civic League explained the rare circumstances under which its directors would be speaking in an official capacity. More Detail
  5. There was no action on a request by the Islander Magazine to obtain cooperation from Town employees in the publication of an edition for Rye residents.  Selectman Musselman expressed concern that the Heritage Commission could give them anything that they wanted, and it would go out with the imprimatur of the Town. More Detal
  6. The Town roads are in good shape according to an automated scan recently done.  The cost to bring them to 100 percent would be $5.4 million.  A resident questioned whether dividing that by a 15 year life to come up with a $350,000 annual target for the paving budget was an appropriate calculation.  More Detail