Board of Selectmen Town Meetings

RCL Notes of August 8, 2016 BOS meeting

File for Civic News:  RyeBOSrclNotes080816revBfinal

  1. Two members of last year’s Town Hall Committee pushed to have a committee of builders, engineers and architects present “valid” data to voters to avoid the circulation of “spurious” information “kicked around by non-professionals.” More Details
  2. Abatements for Sea Glass Ln. were tabled so details for each unit can be provided.  Some properties were over assessed because a July inspection, rather than the required April 1, 2015 assessment date, was used.  More Details
  3. Senator Ayotte may be campaigning at the Transfer Center in August. More Details
  4. Certain Public Works projects have been held, rather than placed in the CIP Plan, pending approval of Town Hall.  More Details
  5. An attempt may be made to present the Town Hall as a “shovel ready” project for federal funding if Clinton is elected and her five-year infrastructure plan passes Congress. More Details