Rye 2013 Warrant Articles

The RCL will once again help the voters understand all of the warrant articles.

Here is a template for a petitioned warrant article. Warrant Article Template

Reference Short   Description Budget
Art. 1 Elections for 8   different positions.
Art. 2 Choose   School District officers (separate School Meeting).
Art. 3 Amd. 1 Housekeeping   change to conform to election of ZBA (voters adopted in 2012).
Art. 3 Amd. 2 Historic   District regulation re:  solar   collectors.
Art. 3 Amd. 3 Establish   Rye Landfill Groundwater Management Zone Overlay District.
Art. 3 Amd. 4 Decrease   building age for demolition review from 65 to 50 years.
Art. 3 Amd. 5 Amend   definition of “structure” in the Zoning Ordinance.
Art. 3 Amd. 6 Define   “storm water” in the Zoning Ordinance in accordance with State   statute.
Art. 4 Town   Hall schematic design and related activities. $60,000
Art. 5 1899   Trolley Barn (Old Police Station) study. $9,800
Art. 6 Goss   Farm Barn restoration. $170,000
Art. 7 Fund   Highway Equipment Capital Reserve Fund. $100,000
Art. 8 Municipal   Records and Document Management. $25,000
Art. 9 Streaming   of meetings at Town Hall. $4,000
Art. 10 Operating   budget $8,680,627.  Default budget   $8,380,347 if defeated. $8,680,627
Art. 11 Discontinue   and quitclaim old Elwyn Rd. roadbed near new roundabout.
Art. 12 Relocation   of Class VI Highway, Old Ferry Landing Rd. near Foyes’ Corner.
Art. 13 Approve   cutting fewer than 10 trees for parking lot at Rye Recreation Area.
Art. 14 Amend   Skateboard Ordinance to require single file for bicycles, pedestrians.
Art. 15 Amend   Beach Ordinance to require approval of business and organized events.
Art. 16 Amend   Parking Ordinance to add no parking areas near Jenness Beach.
Art. 17 Require   numerical tally of votes on warrant articles and budget items.
Art. 18 Increase   Solar Energy Heating and Cooling exemption from $15,000 to 35,000.
Art. 19   (petitioned) Require   website posting of all agendas and minutes.
Art. 20   (petitioned) Amend   Conflict of Interest definition.    Require tallying signers of Conflict of Interest form.
Art. 21   (petitioned) Institute capital budget, enhance Capital Improvements Program (“CIP”) process.
Art. 22   (petitioned) Require   investigation and report on the accuracy of 2012 property reassessments.
Art. 23 Permit   Board of Selectmen to sell surplus Town equipment to the high bidder.
Art. 24 To   transact other business that may legally come before the meeting.
School   Art.  1 School   Budget of $12,938,447
School Art. 2 Appropriate   $10,670 to cover additional costs associated with the new contract for   Educational Support Staff
School Art. 3 Permission   for special meeting if Art. 2 is not approves
School Art. 4 Enable   unassigned general funds to be retained.    Not to exceed 2.5%
School Art. 5 Appropriate   $4,000 for video streaming of School Board meetings
School Art. 6 To   have School Board and Budget Committee budgetary votes recorded