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Dow Lane Safety Concerns

Most recent BOS letter:  Dow Lane Sept 5 letter to BOS

Dow Lane Neighbors petition and letter – Provides the rational:  Dow Lane Resident BOS Letter 28 Aug 17  

Letter from the Police Chief:  Dow Lane Police Chief Letter 25 Aug 17

Click Here to see comments at the 28 August 2017 BOS meeting

BOS did not know if they have the Authority to make this safety change.  Residents believe that this definition says the BOS does.  Click Here

Town officials suggested that the BOS were responsible and able to modify town roads under the 1st 2 articles (Click Here)
BOS said that a DOT traffic study would be needed.  This intersection was included in the 2011 report.
After reviewing the Route 1 Corridor plan done in Nov of 2011; Dow lane was mentioned as a safety concern in a number of places due to the skewed angle of the road causing limited sight lines. It was suggested that the roadway be closed and if deemed necessary to keep open that the intersection be moved and angled to 90 degrees.
On page 75 here you can see the aerial photo showing the road closure:   Click Here
Here is a link to the Route 1 corridor plan in its entirety (107 pages)   Click Here