RCL October 11, 2017 BOS Notes

File for Civic News:  RyeBOSrclNotes101117revBfinal

  1. Selectman Musselman proposed the creation of paid non-resident parking areas on side streets near the beach. Residents with stickers could also use those areas.  Reception from the other Selectmen was lukewarm.
  2. The Shoals View Drive paving bid came in at over twice the $125,000 that voters appropriated. All bids will be rejected and an engineer hired to try to value engineer the project.
  3. Plastic traffic separators and probably a permanent digital sign will be installed on Dow Ln. to address safety issues there.
  4. The September PFC testing results from CMA Engineers for the Grove Rd. Landfill were reported by Selectman Musselman of CMA, acting as the Town’s Engineer, not as a Selectman.