Town Hall Space 2017 Updates

T he Heritage Committee continues to do all it can to raise funds to maintain the building.  The BOS is completing construction on the back entrance.

Updated Public Safety Building Space:  Rye Public Safety Building Available Space

Updates on the private design for a new build for Town Hall:  Click Here

Note from John Loftus:

Dear Rye Voters,

The drawings for a New Rye Town Hall are 97% completed.  We are still fine tuning some details, nonetheless, they give a good visual representation both in elevation and (floor) plan prospective.  I am working with Rob Schaeffer, A.I.A., of David White Architects, who has taken my design input and entered into CAD, while reviewing code issues.
During this period of introspection, and discussion, with the actual people  who work at Town Hall, every effort has been made to understand the working needs of our town workforce and to translate that into a viable plan for moving forward.  I have had numerous meetings with “all” of the town employees who work at Town Hall; each employee at least twice, and some as many as five times.
Let me be straightforward at this point, to indicate that what has been developed, are conceptual or preliminary plans, that will lead a path forward, with a prelimenary cost analysis for construction and finalization.  The drawings to date, are NOT construction documents. Construction Documents would need to be finalized, if, and after, the warrant article for the March 2018 vote is approved for a new Town Hall.  After finalization of construction documents, the construction phase can be put out to bid.
Shortly, I will be releasing both the elevation and floor plans for public review and comment.  Those comments, or questions, that are received via the email address:, will be answered with the best clarity I can muster.  What I do hope to accomplish is to maintain full transparency!  Questions and answers, will also be posted on the website:
Also, please consider, and keep in mind, that as a designer, I cannot possibly meet everyone’s predilections, desires, nor dreams.  What I have tried to accomplish is to design a building that is keeping with New England traditions, and works on this particular site.  It is not meant to be a replication of what now exists; rather, timeless New England architecture that will provide a much needed solution to the Town of Rye’s current needs including: ADA Compliancy, a Health Hazard Free Work Place for our Town Employees, an ergonomically efficient workplace, energy efficiency via heating and cooling, lighting fixtures, insulation, and low maintenance.
By keeping the Town Hall at the current site, we maintain historic continuity of our Town Government location.  This is an important site, and one that can be improved.  New buildings do not lessen the historic value of the land, rather when properly and assiduously implemented, increase the historic continuity of our heritage.
There will be more information being released in the coming weeks and months, as we strive to bring Article 34 to fruition.
Please stay tuned to the website, where all of the memo’s are archived and available for review.
Thank you most ernestly, for your consideration,
John Loftus
108 Straws Point Road
Rye, NH

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