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Sanders Poynt Court Hearing

“The Town of Rye has responded to the suit filed by Rye resident, Robert Jesurum against the Wentworth-by-the-Sea Country Club (“WBTSCC”) and has taken a position supportive of Mr. Jesurum’s.  Last year, the WBTSCC was issued a building permit for a fence blocking the parking area adjacent to Sanders Poynt. In addition to the fence, the WBTSCC installed shrubbery and boulders adjacent to the road to prevent parking.  While the Town had initially remained neutral on the issue of whether the public has the right to cross the area adjacent to Sanders Poynt to access the adjoining beach, it is now asking the Superior Court to resolve the issue of prescriptive rights.  Additionally, it has agreed to an injunction against the Rye Building Inspector which would, until the end of the case, prevent him from issuing any more building permits involving the fence or related improvements.  Furthermore, the Town of Rye has now joined the suit by filing a cross claim seeking to force the WBTSCC to update its site plan to reflect the fence and associated improvements, and is seeking $550 per day in fines for the failure of the WBTSCC to heed the Building Inspector’s demand that a site plan be filed.  The filing of a site plan would presumably initiate review of the site plan by the Planning Board, and would also presumably involve a determination of whether the WBTSCC, by erecting a fence and planting shrubbery, violated a 1995 agreement by the WBTSCC not to block the view, mentioned in the Town of Rye’s response to the suit.”


Protect and Preserve Public Access to Sanders Poynt Beach used by the public for over 300 years

Court Hearing,  April 26th 9am, at the Rockingham County Court House

Your Respectful Presence would be greatly appreciated as Attorney Paul McEachern, on behalf of the public, offers proof of “Prescriptive Easement†at Sanders Poynt against WBTSCC, William Binnie, the town of Rye and the State of NH.

Directions from RT 95 or RT 33:

  • Take RT 101 W to Exit 7
  • Turn Left onto RT 125 South
  • Go 4.9 miles
  • Turn Right onto 10 New Hampshire 125, in Brentwood
  • Proceed to the Court House

(allow 45 minutes from Portsmouth)

*No signage or demonstrations, please