2013 Rye Vacancies for Alternates and Full time positions

Printable Table: Rye Elected and Appointed 2013   2013 Alternates and Positions Document update

To fill one of these appointed Full-time member positions or to be an Alternate, here is the process.

1) Write a letter to the chair of that board including a letter introducing yourself and expressing your interest and any experience which is relevant to the board If you have attended meetings of this board it is important that you document that fact.  RCL can not post contact information, but Town Hall will help you contact the Chair of the boards.

2)    Once you have received a letter of support from the chair of the Board, send that letter and your letter of interest/experience to BOS secretary. Janice Ireland  e-mail – [email protected]

3)  To be considered at the next BOS meeting for appointment as a member or alternate, you must have these two letters at the BOS office by e-mail no later than Thursday preceeding the BOS meeting.

The process for the Planning Board is different and the current Chairman provided this “the interested parties should first write a brief communication (e-mail is fine) as to who they are, where they live and any pertinent information such as previous experience that could relate to the board. This should go directly to the Town Planner. In this incidence, Kim Reed. It reads as follows;

8.2 Alternate Members:   The Planning Board, which under RSA 673:6 II is the appointing authority for alternate members, shall appoint someone to fill a vacant alternate position on the Board for  the unexpired term.”


Last   Name First Name Term Chair Elected or   Appointed
Beach   Commission
Kane Peter 2015
Labrie Michael 2014 chair
Mallen Ed 2014
Board of   Selectmen
Jenness Priscilla 2016 Elected
Mills Jr. Joseph 2014 chair Elected
Musselman Craig 2015 Elected
Budget   Committee
Abrams Douglas 2015 Elected
Crapo Shawn 2016 Elected
Goldman Paul 2014 chair Elected
Jarvis Ray 2015 Elected
Maheras James 2016 Elected
Paul Ned 2014 Elected
Additional Alternates
Cemetery Trustees
Drake Frank 2016 chair Elected
Moynahan Kenneth 2015 Elected
Philbrick Roger 2014 Elected
CIP Committee
Jarvis Ray Unlimited chair Appointed
Moynahan Jeanne Unlimited Appointed
Paul Ned Unlimited Appointed
Mae Bradshaw Unlimited Appointed
Conservation   Commission
Gardner Jeffrey 2015 Appointed
Garvan Francis (Mike) 2014 Appointed
King Sally 2016 chair Appointed
McFarland Suzanne 2016 Appointed
Raynes Jim 2014 Appointed
Grote Jacci 2016 Appointed
Raynes Charles 2014 Appointed
Struble F. Lawton 2016 Appointed
Demolition   Committee
Bradshaw Mae 2014 chair Appointed
(vacant) Alternate Appointed
Davis Richard 2015 Appointed
Herlihy Alex 2014 Alternate Appointed
Holway Jane 2016 Appointed
Energy   Committee
Anderson Susan 2014 Secratery Appointed
Archibald Tom 2016 Appointed
Kalet Howard 2016 Appointed
Neiman Lucy Ad Hoc Appointed
Sopher Michele 2015 Co-Chair Appointed
Truslow Danna 2015 Co-Chair Appointed
Vacant Alternate
Recycling   Education Committee
Smyrnos Deidre 2014 Appointed
Moll Lisa 2014 Appointed
Heritage   Commission
Barnes Eleanor 2015 Appointed
Bradshaw Mae 2014 chair Appointed
Davis Richard 2015 Appointed
Hall Sara 2015 Appointed
Herlihy Alex 2014 Alternate Appointed
Holway Jane 2016 Alternate Appointed
White Peter 2016 Appointed
Historic   District Commission
Axtin Leo 2015 Appointed
Bradshaw Mae 2015 Appointed
Josephs Mark 2014 Appointed
Kent Daryl 2016 Appointed
King Thomas 2016 Appointed
Merritt Paula 2016 Appointed
Mittelman Michael 2014 Appointed
Remick Christine 2014 Appointed
Winslow Phil 2014 chair Appointed
Library   Trustees
Azzi Victor 2016 Elected
Boynton Philip 2015 Elected
Malpass Ann 2014 Elected
McQuade William 2014 Elected
Oliver Karen 2015 chair Elected
Mosquito   Commission
Helfrich Brian 2014
Merritt Ted 2015 chair
Planning Board
Vacated 24   June 13 2015 Elected
Epperson Bill 2016 chair Elected
Gittlein Jerry 2014 Elected
Low Melvin 2014 Elected
Tweedie Raymond 2015 Elected
Winslow Phil 2015 Elected
Roman Keriann 2014 Alternate Appointed
Quinn Jeffrey 2014 Alternate Appointed
Crotty Anne 2016 Alternate Appointed
(vacant) Alternate
Recreation   Commission
Stacey Brooks 2014
Luz Mark 2013
Judy Scott 2016
Sexton John 2013
Stevens Janet 2014 chair
Sullivan Jim 2015
Maggie Duffy-Durkin 2016
Sewer   Commission
Adams David 2016 Elected
Kasnet Peter 2015 Elected
Kohlhase David 2014 chair Elected
Supervisors of   the Checklist
Chichester Madeline 2014 chair Elected
Holway Jane 2016 Elected
King Sally 2018 Elected
Town Moderator
Eaton Bob 2014 Elected
Trustee of   Trust Funds
Balboni Jeffrey 2014 Elected
Mahoney Andrew 2016 Elected
Pope Kerry 2015 Elected
Zoning Board   of Adjustment
Crapo Shawn 2014 Appointed
Dibble Frank 2015 Elected
Drake Frank 2014 chair Appointed
Goldman Paul 2014 Alternate Appointed
Jarvis Ray 2016 Elected
(vacant) Alternate Appointed
Weathersby Patricia 2015 Elected
(vacant) Alternate Appointed
(vacant) Alternate Appointed
Rye Water   District
Ditto Arthur 2014 chair Elected
Hickson Ralph 2015 Elected
Murtagh John 2016 Elected
Rye Beach   Village District
Drake Frank 2014 chair
Richards Bradley 2016
Smith Betty 2015
Jenness Beach Village District
Crapo Robert (Randy) 2015 chair
Langley Jane 2016
Netishen Michael 2014
Rye School   Board
Moody Michael 2016 Elected
Marrion Scott 2016 Elected
Schwartz Mike 2014 Elected
Moynahan Jeanne 2014 Elected
Balboni Peggy 2015 Elected
School   Moderator
Eaton Bob 2016 Elected
School   Treasurer
Zaratarian Mark Elected
School Clerk
Sparks Sharry Elected
Rockingham   County