Rescue Jenness Beach Background Information

P rovided by Devin Farrelly to the RCL.

1. The Beach Use Committee is meeting on Thursday, May 30, at 6pm, at Town Hall. This is open to the public, but for some reason will not be streamed live or filmed.
2. The Rescue Jenness Beach neighbor group will be appearing before the Selectmen at the BOS meeting on June 24, at 6:30pm at Town Hall. We are presenting the Selectmen with our concerns about safety stemming from the increase in crowds and traffic in the past several years. We are concerned about enforcement of existing ordinances regarding public consumption of alcohol, public urination, trash, stopping and unloading, as well as problems life guards are having with unruly visitors. One of the most pressing concerns is the danger at crosswalks. We want to find a balance among various users of the beach, from swimmers, to kayakers, surfers, day visitors , weekly renters and residents, so there can be safety and also wise stewardship of the beach and water, which has been under increased pressure in recent years, as the Blue Ocean Society can attest. We seek to have these concerns addressed effectively, before there is another pedestrian hit by a car or a serious collision in the water. ¬†( There are other residents who would like to see surfing banned; our group does not, rather we want improvements in enforcement and action so that won’t be inevitable.) This meeting is due to be filmed and streamed live.

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