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You can contribute to the “New History of Rye”

You Can Contribute to New Rye History                                                                

Alex Herlihy has researched most of the published books on Rye history including the last 150 years of town reports. The 100 page research document will be the template for the narrative that includes: documented history, anecdotes, family stories, history beyond Rye, personal observation, commentary and imagined conversations between Rye residents from the past. This history will be social, political, intellectual, literary, military and as much else as can be fit between the pages of a book. There will also be many photos published for the first time. What doesn’t fit in the book will be found in documents linked from the book to the RHS web site.

Still to be researched are newspaper accounts beyond the new “Oceanside” book about Rye Beach, primary sources in the museum such as probate, tax and other records, and many other print sources.

However, it is the human stories, both direct and handed down from earlier generations, which will truly enrich this history.  In the future RHS will hold gatherings at which people can share stories which will be used in the history. Also needed are volunteers to interview older members of the community. But we welcome your contributions now.

Once the draft is completed there will be editing and technical assistance needed. We welcome everyone’s contributions so that this will be a true village history.

If you have any photos to contribute we can copy them at the library while you wait a minute and then return the originals to you.   Documented facts, stories, anecdotes, myths, etc. maybe e-mailed to: info@ryenhhistoricalsociety.org  or contact Alex Herlihy directly at: 997 6742  or alexherlihy@comcast.net.

Material may also be left at the Library front desk to be placed in RHS file for us to pick up there.