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December 22 Parsons Creek Watershed

2000 Shell Fish Study says Parsons Creek Watershed has a human fecal contamination problem. RCL has been updating Parsons Creek Watershed information since 2015

E-coli sample greater than 104mpn/mL is too much fecal matter. >24,196 is Too Many To Count more – so they stop. One 2022 sample they counted them all and it was 92,080, so 885% greater then the safe limit. See Trend Line. Full Data from 2022, 2021, and 2019 (non completed in 2020)

High readings when it is dry, implies the e-coli is not coming from surface water (impact from wildlife or dogs), but coming from ground water, so the source is most likely from Septic System leach fields.

FB Engineering Reports for many years say the probable cause is the many low lying leach fields that are more likely to fail with the rising water tables. In 2017 NH DES told the Select Board there is almost twice as many septic systems than the watershed land can support. Many systems are also in the Wetlands buffer.

There has not been Public Discussion of all the FB Engineering Recommendations. See Summary Table.

After the 2016 Select Board Parsons Creek Committee, the town has focused on assuring all Septic Systems are pumped out once every three years and are Inspected.

Rye has been aggressively communicating to residents in the Parsons Creek Watershed.

After four years – 622 of 638 properties have complied. Inspections show 16 in violation.

9 properties have ignored the ordinances. Sample 4th letter from the the town. Locations and owners can be requested from the town.

Click Here to see hot spots. Click Here for dynamic map and to zoom in on locations (hard to read on a phone). Image PDF of image