There are TWO Open Seats on the Ballot. Mike Moody and the second name on the ballot (Dania Seiglie) has withdrawn. See her statement bellow.

Hugh Lee and Michelle Tyminski (see below) are both running as a write in.

If you also want to run as a write in, please provide your name, statement and feel free to attend the March 7th Candidates night to make a short announcement/statement.



Michelle Tyminski

In light of Dania Seiglie withdrawing her candidacy for Rye Library Board of Trustees, I am writing to request your consideration to write my name on the ballot as the second Library Trustee.

My education background includes a BS from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and an Associate in Risk Management from the Insurance Institute of America.

For several years I worked in Recreational Management at both ski areas and a resort in the US Virgin Islands.  I then moved on to working in insurance underwriting and risk management services.  Over the past 15 years, my career path has been a licensed and registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer.

Rye has been my home for the past 25 years.  During this time the Rye Public Library became a regular fixture in my family’s life from weekly story time, to summer reading programs, a chess club, signing out the telescope, signing out the Geomate, a Star Wars event, and some amazing Harry Potter events.   I even vaguely remember exhibiting a piece of art many years ago.   I have enjoyed listening to authors speak, and researched the history of my home at the Rye Public Library.  

We have had wonderful employees at the library over the years who have helped to inspire our residents.  While a typical stereotype of library employees is a shushing person behind a desk, ours are anything but that.  I can’t count how many times their holiday parade costumes beat out our Girl Scout troop!  I want to help support their work in keeping the services of the library current with the times and the residents of Rye.

Please consider writing me in for Library Trustee this week!

Thank you,

Michelle Tyminski


Dear Rye Voters, 

As you may be aware, I, Dania Seiglie, a Rye resident at 633 Central Road, signed up to run for an open position on the Rye Library Board of Trustees in the upcoming Election on March 14th.  Due to an unexpected and time-sensitive business obligation that I have accepted, I will now be unable to meet the commitments of the Library Trustee role, unfortunately.  I am one of two candidates running for two seats. Because my name cannot be taken off the ballot, I will be elected unless I am defeated by a write-in candidate. If elected, I will immediately deliver a signed letter to the Town Clerk declining acceptance.  

Why am I making this announcement?  Every Rye voter should know of this unexpected change in my plans.  As a result, Rye voters have an opportunity to consider a write-in candidate for the Library Trustee position. If anyone is interested in becoming a Library Trustee, I encourage them to run as a write-in candidate. Such candidates should let voters know of their interest and ask them to write their name in on the ballot on Election Day.

In the event a write-in candidate does not receive more votes than I do, or there is no write- in candidate, the Select Board will appoint someone to fill the vacancy.

On a personal note, I was greatly looking forward to working with Rye Library’s fellow Trustees and to join them in accomplishing projects that are important and would beautify the center of Rye as well as provide enjoyment to Rye’s residents.  I genuinely hope that there is someone in Rye who wants to be a Library Trustee and to contribute their expertise so that our 5-star-rated and historic Library will flourish even further for generations to come.   


Dania Seiglie