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Safety Building:  2015 fire prevention Wedgewood Letter:  ParentWedgewoodAnnouncement Table for Agenda:  RCL Meeting Coverage 8-2015 PDF:  RCL-Meeting-Coverage-8-2015 Meeting Date Video Minutes Owner Edited Trustee of the Trust Funds 3-Aug Yes None ZBA 5-Aug Yes Yes Rules & Regs 6-Aug None None Heritage Committee 6-Aug Yes Yes Board of Selectmen 10-Aug Yes None Planning Board 11-Aug […]

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Civic News General Announcements December 2014

South School  House available to be moved:                       Owner Joy Roy said at Rye Demo Committee Public hearing in November that  if anyone wanted to move the school house to their lot they are welcome to it. Otherwise it will be demolished in the Spring.                       If interested call him at  Nine Six Four –  2032 Rye Town […]

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Public Forum Discussion

The Public Forum Discussion is held at the RPL and begins once the RCL Business meeting is closed. Suggested topics for November Meeting (on December 1st) Town Hall – Development – Bracket Road,South Road – South St. School house – RJH Staffing questions – Long term School Funding questions – Town’s IT Infrastructure – Warrant […]

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RCL March 10th BOS meeting March 10, 2014

HTML Version for the Civic News:     RyeBOSrclNotes031014revBfinal NOTES OF MARCH 10, 2014 RYE BOARD OF SELECTMEN MEETING Final Revision B – Provided by the Rye Civic League              Present:  Selectmen Jenness, Mills and Musselman. Also present:  Michael Magnant, Cyndi Gillespie.  Also present:  Town Moderator Bob Eaton (left near end of discussion about ballot privacy), […]

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RCL Notes February 12, 2014 Zoning Board

NOTES OF FEBRUARY 12, 2014 RYE ZONING BOARD OF ADJUSTMENT MEETING Final Revision A – Provided by the Rye Civic League   Present from ZBA:  Chairman Frank Drake, Vice Chairman Ray Jarvis, Clerk Burt Dibble, Member Shawn Crapo, and Alternate Paul Goldman. Also present:  Building Inspector Peter Rowell, Kim Reed, Planning Administrator Present for the […]

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RCL Notes of October 8, 2013 Planning Board Meeting

NOTES OF OCTOBER 8, 2013 RYE PLANNING BOARD MEETING Final Revision C – Provided by the Rye Civic League             Present:  Jeffrey Quinn (alternate), Anne Crotty (alternate), Priscilla Jenness, Phil Winslow, Ray Tweedie, Bill Epperson, Mel Low, Jerry Gittlein             Also present:  Kim Reed, planning administrator, Michael Donovan, Town attorney.             Editor’s note:  As this […]

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RCL Notes of July 24, 2013 Beach Use Committee

NOTES OF JULY 24, 2013 BEACH USE ORDINANCE COMMITTEE Final Revision B – Provided by the Rye Civic League Committee members present:  Selectmen Musselman and Mills, Members Del Record, Police Chief Kevin Walsh (ex officio), Tom Farrelly, Tyler McGill, Michael LaBrie, Bill Epperson, Fire Chief Skip Sullivan (ex officio), Katy Sherman. Call to order (6:06:35 […]

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2014 Town Union Contract key points for voters

Collective Bargaining Contract Changes Rye Employees Teamsters #633 January 23, 2014   Article 33, Duration. Term of Contract: 3 years. Article 22, Wages. a. COLA for all 3 years. Current contract language. Tied to the NCIP Article 21, Insurance, Section 3. Heath Insurance: BC/BS Comp 2500 plan will be closed to new employees. We will […]