Opinion Pieces

Does the 511 Wallis Road Still Qualify as an RCD

Looking at all of the changes (variances, exceptions, waivers) and the current request to have all the units be much larger should this development still be considered an RCD?  Also bigger units implies more people and more traffic, what is the cumulative impact of this expanded development, Websters at Rye and all of the development at Foyes Corner?

If the median home price in Rye is around $557K and these units are $550K to $650K , that means that for about 1/2 of home owners, Retirement Units would cost more than the current value of their house (yes, not all home owners are 62 or older).

The RCD requirements stated a range for square footage and now waiver.  If a range was defined, you would assume it makes sense not allow a 20% waiver since this would expand the range of square footage originally specified.

Document explaining the variances to date:  0626Sea Glass Rand’s Waivers to RCD Ord

Table showing the time line of changes in detail: Rand’s Sea Glass Lane Analysis 26 June

A table with some numbers and descriptions of the different types of construction.