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RCL THC Working Group notes September 11, 2014

RCL Notes file:


1. The architect states that, due to the extent of change to the Town Hall, the most stringent building code applies, and the building must be brought up to code.  The building is deficient in part because the building appears to have been extended upward at some point by placing new walls underneath it, such that the heavy timber posts no longer extend to the foundation.  More Detail

2.      The structural engineers describe two solutions.  The first, exposed angle braces on the interior, would cost approximately $67,000.  The second, hidden steel posts in the walls that would extend to the foundation, would cost approximately $144,000. More Detail

3.      Four members of the Town Hall Committee select the second option.  More Detail

4.      An unbudgeted emergency generator may also be required to prevent catastrophic freezing in the event of a power outage.  More Detail