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RCL Town Hall Committee September 18, 2014

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1. Local builder, Town resident and 2011 Town Hall Space Needs Committee member Joe Tucker presented his case that demolishing the existing Town Hall and building a single replacement building, arguing that the cost would be lower. More Detail

2.     Town resident Del Record questions whether or not the Committee was in fact charged with preserving the Town Hall. More Detail

3.        Town Hall Committee member Mae Bradshaw questions whether the townspeople would ever permit demolition.  More Detail

4.                     Joe Tucker points out the past lack of accountability for cost overruns. More Detail

5.                     Architect Jason LaCombe of SMP disputes that the structural problems were identified at the eleventh hour.  More detail

6.                     The Subcommittee decides to invite Mr. Tucker to the full Committee meeting on September 30, but proceed with the project as planned in the meantime. More Detail