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Town Hall Committee Public Hearing October 28, 2014


Final Revision B – Provided by theRyeCivic League

Present from Town Hall Committee (left to right at table): Peter White, Victor Azzi, Peter Kasnet (left early), Mae Bradshaw, Paul Goldman, Beth Yeaton, Priscilla Jenness, Craig Musselman, Lucy Neiman

Present from SMP Architecture:  Jason LaCombe, Anthony Mento, Eric Palson and one other person.

Persons present from the public included:  D.J. Blouin, Steven Borne, Peter Crawford, Alex Herlihy, Ray Jarvis, Jo Ann Price, Joe Tucker, Sam Winebaum

Editor’s note:  For ease in finding particular sections using the archived video and audio on Vimeo, the elapsed time is indicated.  Use the slider and the elapsed time indicated at the bottom of the video window to fast forward to the desired section.  The first part of the video is available at  The second part of the video is available at  Time stamps are relative to the start of each video.

A separate video is available on the Town website but is not of as good a quality because the camera is fixed and the presentation appears washed out. Videos on the Town website may currently be accessed at by clicking on “Town Hall Streaming†at the bottom left of the screen.  Follow the link for “Library Live Streaming,†then find the meeting by date under “Previous.â€Â  The time stamps do not relate to this video.

Part I – SMP public presentation – first video

2:00 elapsed:  Jason LaCombe of SMP gives presentation to the public and takes questions from the Committee and the audience.  Steel beam reinforcement and other issues are discussed.

49:30 elapsed:  Audience question – what percentage of total cost is existing town hall renovation?  SMP has not separated the costs; other audience members join in saying this figure is needed; 20 minute discussion ensues which includes references to quality of construction and costs of Public Safety building.

1:09:50 elapsed:  SMP presentation continues.

2:00:00 elapsed:  Presentation ends; continued questions and discussion, especially from three contractors in the audience.  Discussion includes additional geothermal wells, new siding, Clerk of the Works  – part or full time, and will they work with building inspector?

2:31:00 elapsed:  End of part 1 and first video

Part 2 – second video – discussion between SMP and Town Hall Committee

1:00 elapsed:  Chairman Goldman leads discussion of 18 points/questions which Town Hall Committee submitted to SMP and their responses to them.  Discussion of points on existing and new building including whether to have storage space in attic of new building, etc.

1:13:10 elapsed:  Extensive discussion/differences of opinion on foundation of new building, insulation, kinds of building materials, etc.

1:39:00 elapsed:  Exterior landscaping, walkway from upper parking lot, etc.

1:52:15 elapsed:  Reconciliation of two different SMP  documents submitted to Town Hall Committee; discussion of alternative building materials by contractors; concerns about short time frame before bids go out in December; scheduling of meetings and communication between Committee members to get full agreement.

2:04:40 elapsed:  Adjournment – end of Part 2 and second video