Planning Board Town Meetings

RCL Planning Board Meeting Notes October 14, 2014


Final Revision B – Provided by theRyeCivic League

Present and seated counterclockwise around the table (Regular Planning Board members except as noted):  Alternate Ann Crotty, Jerry Gittlein, Ray Tweedie, Phil Winslow, Town Counsel Michael Donovan, Bill Epperson, Planning Administrator Kim Reed, Mel Low, Alternate Jeff Quinn, Priscilla Jenness, Attorney Jay Lord.

Present from the Conservation Commission:  Chairman Sally King, Jaci Grote.

Also present:  Town Administrator Michael Magnant; Art Ditto, Commissioner, Rye Water District; Ken Aspen, Rye Water District; Town Hall Architect Jason LaCombe; Paul Goldman, Chairman Town Hall Committee.

Present representing applicants:  Don Cook, Tim Phoenix.

Persons present in the audience included:  Victor Azzi, Steven Borne, Mae Bradshaw, Peter Crawford, Keith Evelund, Jane Holway, Pat Losik, Katy Sherman, Sam Winebaum.

Editor’s note:  For ease in finding particular sections using the archived video and audio on the Town website, the elapsed time is indicated.  Use the slider and the elapsed time indicated at the bottom of the video window to fast forward to the desired section.  Videos on the Town website may currently be accessed at by clicking on “Town Hall Streaming” at the bottom left of the screen.  Follow the link for “Town Hall Live Streaming,” then find the meeting by date under “Previous.”

The video starts at 7:00:02 p.m. (0:00 elapsed)

Town Hall (3:20 elapsed)

(3:20 elapsed)

            Paul Goldman, Chairman, Town Hall Committee, presentation

(4:40 elapsed)

SMP architecture presentation

(6:40 elapsed)

North Point engineers

(8:55 elapsed)

Planning Board questions and public hearing

(14:31 elapsed)

Public hearing closed; Planning Board takes jurisdiction; discussion

(16:20 elapsed)

Conditions of approval

(22:00 elapsed)


561 South Road – Major 5 lot subdivision (29:00 elapsed)

(29:00 elapsed)

Phil Winslow seated as temporary chairman after Bill Epperson recuses himself.  He lists letters from abutters and questions for builder DD Cook

(34:50 elapsed)

Presentation by DD Cook owner/builder

(39:00 elapsed)

John Chagnon, Ambit Engineering.  Planning Board questions and DD Cook responses.  Issues include water, road, drainage, wetlands, piping under wetlands, and septic systems.

(2:06:00 elapsed)

Attorney Donovan addresses the issue of whether a variance would be needed from the ZBA for running a septic pipe under the wetland.

(2:37:40 elapsed)

Public Hearing opened.  Art Ditto from the Rye Water District speaks

(2:39:40 elapsed)

Tim Losik 525 South Rd., abutter:  All abutters have concerns – water, traffic pattern, leach filed, etc.

(2:47:20 elapsed)

Abutter at580 South Rd.speaks

(2:48:00 elapsed)  

West Rd.resident speaks

(2:51:40 elapsed)

306 West Rd.resident speaks

(2:53:00  elapsed)

495 South Rd.resident speaks

(2:56:00 elapsed)

Wallis Rd.resident speaks

(2:58:20 elapsed)

Public hearing closed.  Waiver requested from Land Development Regulations section 404.4.A requiring a final Topographic and Soils plan with respect to back 17 acres.  Motion made by Member Ray Tweedie.

(3:02:00 elapsed)

DD Cook responds indicating that the plans forLot5, which do not include an RCD, will be disclosed at next month’s meeting.

(3:03:00 elapsed)

After Board discussion indicates that waiving the requirement for the plan may be premature prior to seeing the plans for Lot 5, Attorney Donovan opines that, if the Planning Board denies the request tonight, reconsideration might require a 2/3 vote.  Member Ray Tweedie withdraws his motion.

(3:06:00 elapsed)

Conservation commission comments:  Danna Truslow should be hired to do additional hydrological study

Board discussion of this plan

(3:13:00 elapsed)

Planning Board votes 4-3 to hire Danna Truslow for additional study

(3:15:00 elapsed)

Steven Borne, reports that water issues were far an away the number one concern in a recent Rye Civic League survey

(3:17:00 elapsed)

Vote to continue the application to the November meeting

Miscellaneous business (3:24:00 elapsed)

Legislative changes to Planning Board rules and regulations, etc.

(3:47:00 elapsed)

Discussion of amending rules of procedure

(3:50:00 elased)

Report from Long Range Planning subcommittee:  nothing

(3:51:00 elapsed)

Amendments to Flood Plain Development Ordinance:  tabled due to late hour

(3:52:00 elapsed)

Rules and regs

(4:05:00 elapsed)