An Abutters’ Opinion and Petition 561 South Rd – Rye Farm

R esident Petition to the Planning Board:  561 South Road Water Petition #2

Lot 5 Diagram: 561 South Road Lot 5

Petition #2 to protect Rye Water (below) is receiving broad support.  Submit a signed petition by printing, signing, scan, and email it to:

UPDATE:  561 South Road …. RYE FARM …. D.D. Cook Builders of Greenland, NH for Meadows at South & West, LLC Development

Upcoming meetings (please attend):

December 3, Zoning Board of Adjustment, Rye Junior High School, 7:00PM.

Per Agenda: D.D. Cook Builders of 449 Portsmouth Ave, Greenland, NH for property owned by Meadows at South & West, LLC and located at 561 South Road, Tax Map 4, Lot 14-2 request a special exception to Section 301.7 B to construct a driveway within the wetlands with 2,925 sq ft of wetlands impact and to Section 301.8B.6 within the wetland buffer with 17,278 sq ft of wetland buffer impact. Property is in the Single Residence, Aquifer and Wellhead Protection Districts. Case #50-2014.

December 9, Planning Board, Rye Junior High School, 7:00PM.

Per AgendaFinal Major Subdivision and Conditional Use Permit by Applicant, D.D. Cook Builders of Greenland, NH for property owned by Bonnie M. Eggleston Rev. Living Trust and located at 561 South Road, Tax Map 4, Lot 14 to subdivide the lot into five (5) lots, construct a 590 foot town road to access the lots, with the existing dwelling on lot 1 and the other four (4) lots to be buildable lots. Property is in the Single Residence and Aquifer and Well head protection Districts. Case #18-2014.

Conservation Commission video…561 South Road discussion begins at 19:13

Conservation Commission meeting 11/20/14:  561 South Road Major Subdivision:  D.D. Cook presented a proposal for a wetland/wetland buffer crossing for a driveway to Lot 5 of Major Subdivision.  During the meeting, Mr. Cook, on behalf of his development, Meadows at South & West, LLC, offered the Commission approximately 20 acres of the back-most land of the proposed Lot 5 in exchange for the Commission’s agreement to support his request to cross the wetlands and wetland buffer.  The Owner stated that if the Commission did not resolve to support the special exception, he would pursue it with the State and then come back to the Town of Rye Planning Board to request the RCD.  One of the Commission Members referred the Owner’s intentions of Lot 5 as the “nut in the cup” [sleight of hand game with three cups and a hiding nut under one cup] where the destiny of Lot 5 is ever changing between a single family residence lot or a ten (10) unit Retirement Community Development (RCD).  As a matter of record, Mr. Cook’s presentation to the Planning Board (7/8/2014) and initial correspondence to abutters (7/18/14) was a plan inclusive of an RCD.

Lot 5 design changes  (below) have been submitted to the Town to show the approximate locations for septic, house and driveway which crosses WETLANDS AND BUFFER (approximately 20,000 sq ft impact).

Petition #2 to protect Rye Water (below) is receiving broad support.  Submit a signed petition by printing, signing, scan, and email it to:


Current application is for a single family lot on Lot 5.

Developer reasserts intention to apply for RCD at Conservation Commission meeting (11/20/14), if, and once, the Planning Board approves a single family lot.  Developer has repeatedly stated his desire and intention to have the RCD on Lot 5.


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