BOS Beach Issues work meeting April 9, 2015

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  1. Police Chief Walsh presented a detailed analysis of parking along Route 1A indicating that there are 51 driveways that may need to be “boxed.”  A final decision will be made after a site walk.  More Detail
  2. The 2015 budget is insufficient to stripe parking spaces along Route 1A.  More Detail
  3. Selectman Musselman contradicted his statement on April 29, 2014 that the ball was in the Town’s court with regard to parking meters.  He now says that, since no money was budgeted in 2015 for a parking study, the earliest that meters could be installed is 2017.  He argues that that would depend on an agreement with the State, notwithstanding his earlier statement, a specific inquiry by Senator Stiles and a State law specifically authorizing towns to install meters.  More Detail
  4. Specific Beach Committee recommendations regarding permit fees, mobile lifeguard stands and stand-up paddleboard issues failed to lead to firm commitments by the Selectmen for further action.  More Detail
  5. Projected lifeguard need for this summer is 13-17, however only six lifeguards from last year have expressed an interest in returning.  The Head Lifeguard will not be returning.  More Detail
  6. Investigation of Parsons Creek watershed problems is continuing.  Bacteria level near Peteys is nine times the acceptable limit.  More Detail

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