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RCL Conservation April 16, 2015 time stamps

1.  Approval of minutes (0:46 elapsed)
2.  Wetlands permit, Gregg, 1230, 1232 and 1234 Ocean Blvd.  Site walk scheduled for April 28 (2:35 elapsed)
3.  Information on actions taken by other entities (12:02 elapsed)
a.  Shoreland Impact Permit for 1270 Ocean Blvd. (map 17.3 lot 58).
b.  Notice of Ground Water Management Permit, 5 Pioneer Rd. (believed to be cabins across from restaurant at Foyes Corner).
c.  Settlement of lawsuit involving George Beliveau property on Wallis Rd. (map 17.3 lot 25).  House of 3200 sq. ft. to be built.
4.  Updates from Tracey Degnan of Rockingham County Conservation District
a.  Plaques and posting of properties (15:51 elapsed)
b.  Invasive control work group volunteers needed, May 9, Town Forest (26:16 elapsed).  Click here for info
c.  Goss Farm (27:20 elapsed)
d.  Funding sources for 561 South Rd. acquisition (34:37 elapsed)
5.  Conservation Commission has obtained an appraisal from Peter Knight in connection with the 561 South Rd. acquisition.  Appraisal is for $440,000, purchase price is $350,000. (39:27 elapsed)
6.  Discussion of water runoff issues (39:55 elapsed)
7.  Bills:  Peter Knight for South Rd. appraisal $1800.  Attorney Chris Keenan for South Rd. purchase and sale agreement:  $4335.50 total. (49:18 elapsed)