RCL ZBA April 1, 2015 notes and time stamps

R ye NH Zoning Board of Adjustment Meeting April 1 2015

(timestamp of streaming video on town website)


00:00:00 Pledge of Allegiance

00:01:26 Intro Ray Jarvis (RJ) Chair, Paul Goldman (PG) vice-Chair, Burt Dibble (BD)

Clerk, Shawn Crapo (SC), Patty Weathersby (PW). Per state law reorganized. BD

nominates  PW as Chair and PG as vice-Chair, unanimous vote for. SC nominates  BD

as  Clerk.   Unanimous approval.

00:06:15 Correction of 3/14 Minutes.

00:11:30  PW recital of meeting ground rules.

00:12:00  Stephen and Kelly Cohen for 39 Parson’s Road.

Elevate house in setback; increase portion 8’ now 8’ wanted 20’ allowed.

Fill and excavate within 20’ of wetlands buffer where 100’ needed.

00:16:37 Public hearing  closed.

00:21:00  SC moves to approve BD 2nds…approved.   <<<<<<

00:21:54 Case 12-2015. Administrative appeal of BOS lot unmerger conditions – Heiseys

Lots 19 and 21 Map 9.2

00:22:10 BD recuses, Greg Mikolaites sits as alternate.

00:39:00 Neighbor supports applicant.

00:43:00 Atty Donovan speaks for Board of Selectmen.

00:57:00 A. Donovan asserts if ZBA finds ‘conditioning’ of unmerger unlawful,

ZBA can step in and negate unmerger as well.

01:01:00 SC questions.

01:18:00 Toby Heisey talks.

01:19:00 Peter Crawford supports applicant/appellant.

01:20:00 A. Donovan’s brother speaks.

01:27:00 Public hearing closes.

01:30:00 RJ moves to grant appeal. @nded with talk about not including town pay for lawyers.

01:38:00 Unanimous approval.

01:39:00 Case 13-2015 Matt Barton for 25 Oak Ave

01:40:00 Pending buyer speaks on expanding non-conforming, 2nd floor addition, setback

9’ to 18; where 20’ needed, other property line 15’ exists 26’ wanted 27.5 needed. Building

Coverage 19% exists 25 % wanted, 14% allowed.

01:53:00 Some opposition.

01:54:00 Neighbor questions if survey done.

01:55:00 Friend Rosalie Andrews talks about a fence.

01:57:00 SC proposes a continuation to get survey done, since none known of.


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