2015 Rye Departments, Commissions, Boards and Committees

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Assessor Assessing ClerkField Appraiser  Dave HynesJoanne DrewniakVirginia MerrillTodd Haywood  Hired
Beach Committee Keper ConnellLori CarbajalLarry RochaSteve Hillman


Building InspectorAdministrative Assistant Peter RowellRosalie Andrews HiredHired
Budget Committee  Paul E. Goldman- Chair 2017Raymond Jarvis-Clerk 2018Douglas Abrams 2018Shawn Crapo 2016

James G. Maheras 2016

Jacinthe Grote 2017


Craig Musselman-Selectman

Mike Mooney-School Board

Frank Drake-Rye Beach

Ralph Hickson -Water District

Randy Crapo – Jenness


Russ Bookholz




Elected3 year term
Cemetery Superintendent  John Coscia Hired
Cemetery Trustees Kenneth Moynahan 2018Frank Drake 2016 Roger O. Philbrick 2017 Elected3 year term
Conservation Commission Sally S. King, Chair 2016Suzanne McFarland 2016F. Lawton Struble, III 2016 James Raynes 2017Mike Garvan 2017

Jeffrey Gardner 2018

Jacinthe Grote 2018

Alternates: vacancies

Appointed 3 year term


Demolition ReviewCommittee Rich Davis, Chair 2018Jane Holway, Vice Chair 2016Mae Bradshaw, Clerk 2017Alternates: Peter White 2016

Alex Herlihy 2017



Peter White (alternate) 2016

Appointed3 year term
Emergency Management Police Chief, Kevin WalshAlan Gould, Deputy Hired
Energy Committee Susan Orazi AndersonLucy J. Neiman Michele SopherDanna TruslowHoward Kalet Appointedunlimited term
Finance DirectorAssistant Town Administrator Cynthia Gillespie Hired
Fire Chief/Forest Fire Warden Thomas Lambert Hired
Harbor Master Leo Axtin Hired\State
Health Officer Gail A. Snow, M.D. Hired
Heritage Commission Mae Bradshaw, Chair 2017Sara Hall, Secretary 2018Jane Holway, Treasurer 2016Alex Herlihy 2016

James Tegeder 2017

Beverly Giblin 2018

Rich Davis, 2018

Priscilla Jenness

Selectman Representative 2016


Peter White 2016





Appointed3 year term
Historic District Commission Phil Winslow, Chair  2017Joseph Mills, Jr. Selectmen             Representative 2017Karen Stewart 2016Daryl Kent 2016

Christine Remick 2017

Mae Bradshaw 2018

Leo Axtin 2018


Thomas King 2016

James Tegeder 2017

Vacancy 2018

Appointed 3 year term
Jenness Beach District Robert R. Crapo 2018Jane Langley 2016Michael Netishen 2017 Elected/District3 year term.
Library Director Andrew Richmond Hired
Library Trustees Karen W. Oliver 2018,ChairVictor D. Azzi 2016Brian Klinger 2017Karen Allen 2017

Philip Boynton 2018


Elected3 year term
Moderator Robert G. Eaton 2016 Elected2 year term
Mosquito Control Commission Tom Aspinwall, Chair 2017Timothy Sanborn, Vice Chair, Clerk 2016VacancyCraig N. Musselman

Selectmen Representative2016

Appointed 3 year term
Planning Board Bill Epperson, Chair 2016Philip Winslow, Vice-Chair 2016Jerome A. Gittlein 2017Keriann Roman 2017

Melvin R. Low 2018

Thomas McCormick 2018

Priscilla V. Jenness 2016 Selectmen Representative


Anne M. Crotty 2016

JM Lord 2017

Jeffrey A. Quinn 2018

Vacancy 2017

Elected3 year term


Planning Administrator Kimberly Reed Hired
Police Chief Kevin Walsh Hired
Public Works Director Dennis McCarthy Hired
Recreation Commission Janet Stevens, Chair 2017Maggie Duffy-Durkin 2016Judy Scott 2016Corey Belden 2016

Stacey Brooks 2017

Gregg Mikolaites 2018

Brett Mulvey 2018

Alternates: vacancies

Appointed3 year term
Recreation DirectorProgramsSupervisorAdministration &       Programs  Assistant  Lee ArthurKelley Gallant 

Victoria Loring

Recycling Education Committee Deidre Smyrnos, ChairJoan ProvencherJohn ProvencherLorrie Platt

Jozef Platt, Student


Rye Beach District John Clifford 2016Frank Drake 2017Linda Sheppard 2018 Elected/District3 year term
Rye Water District Thomas Clifford 2016Ralph Hickson 2018Arthur Ditto 2017 Elected/ District3 year term
School Board Mike Moody 2016Scott Marion 2016Kate Hillman 2017Jeanne Moynahan 2017

Kevin Brandon 2018


Elected3 year term
School District Clerk Elizabeth Yeaton 2018 Elected3 year term
School District Moderator Robert Eaton 2018 Elected3 year term
Selectmen Priscilla Jenness 2016 ChairJoseph Mills, Jr. 2017Craig Musselman,  2018 Elected3 year term
Selectmen’s Secretary Janice Ireland Hired
Sewer Commission David Adams 2016David Kohlhase 2017Peter G. Kasnet 2018  Appointed3 year term
Administrative Assistant to Sewer Commission Lee Arthur Hired
Supervisors of the Checklist Jane Holway 2016Sally S. King 2018 Madeline Chichester 2020 Elected6 year term
Town Administrator Michael Magnant Hired
Town Clerk/Tax Collector Elizabeth M. Yeaton 2015 Elected3 year term
Deputy Town Clerk/TaxCollectorAssistant Town Clerk/Tax Collector Donna M. DecotisAndrea Morrissey Hired
Town Hall Committee Paul Goldman ChairJeffrey Quinn Vice ChairJoseph Mills SelectmanCraig Musselman


Beverly Giblin

Karen Stewart

Ritchie White

Joe Tucker

Edward Hayes

Scott Rawding

Cyndi Gillespie

Mike Magnant

Treasurer Jane Ireland Elected3 year term
Trustees of the Trust Funds Kerry S. Pope 2015Andrew J. Mahoney 2016 Jeffrey M. Balboni 2017 Elected3 year term
Zoning Board ofAdjustment Patricia Weathersby 2018Raymond Jarvis 2016Paul Goldman, 2017Frank “Burt” Dibble, Clerk 2018

Shawn Crapo 2017


Charles Hoyt 2016

Patrick Driscoll 2017

Gregg Mikolaities 2017


Elected3 year term

Representative to the General Court/Elected for 2 year term:

Tom Sherman (Rye) 2016           David Borden (New Castle) 2016

Representative to Rockingham Planning Commission

Phil Winslow






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