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RCL notes on November 19, 2015 Conservation Commission meeting

Conservation Commission, November 19, 2015.


1). O Wentworth Road, Tax Map, 24, Lots 68 & 61-26  – Steve Binnie

Proposed driveway crossing in the wetlands and buffer – same applicant that came before the TRC on November 24.  A site walk was planned for November 22 to look at the site.

2). 255 Washington Road, Tax Map 16, Lot 122 – Steve Riker, Ambit Engineering.  Homeowner started digging a sizable pond in the wetland area; engineer is proposing a restoration plan, which would be implemented by homeowner.  A site walk was planned.

3).  Tracy Degnan, Rockingham Conservation Commission provided an update of her work on the wetlands regulations.  At the next planning board meeting on December 8th, the board will provide feedback on the changes to the wetland regulations and possibly schedule a public hearing.  She is seeking the support of the CC board members and is planning for an education outreach.

4).  Tracy Degnan provided an update on the Goss Farm – Rye Fire Department help prepare the field to sow pollinator seeds by burning it.