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RCL time stamps of November 18, 2015 Town Hall Committee meeting

Town Hall Committee Meeting on town websiteNov 18 2015

01:35 11/4 minutes, non public session.

09:00 Space needs, Town manager, Great Hall , Stairs

25:00 Gross vs net square footage

28:00 Goldman recap Survey discussion

49:00 Architect role discussion

1:05:00 Public Safety Building (PSB) space.

1:13:00 Goldman on PSB

1:15:45 Azzi comprehensive observations on PSB as a member of public.

1:30:00 To tour or not tour PSB

1:34:00 One member has never seen a town hall over a Fire Station

1:40:00 Confusion over Right to Know (RTK) constraints on committee work.

1:45:00 Town Manager advocates for “all under on roof”

1:46:00 lets converge on a proposal

1:52:00 Recreation/Sewer issue

2:03:00 site Walk discussions

2:16:00 Is survey’s majority desire to preserve historic elements ignored?

2:33:00 Description of New town hall drawings.

2:53:00 Public recognition Peter Crawford, M. Goldman, Musselman, Bradshaw

3:03:00 Wishes of employees

3:07:00 Azzi on progress made in not ruling out PSB

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